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FFXI Shield 7

Darksteel Shield in Final Fantasy XI.

Darksteel Shield (ダークシールド, Dāku Shīrudo?, lit. Dark Shield) is a recurring shield in the series.


Final Fantasy XIEdit


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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightEdit

4HoL Darksteel Shield is a low-ranked shield that provides 2 Defense, 2 Magic Defense, 5 Evasion, 5 Magic Evasion, and nullifies Dark-elemental damage. It can be bought for 450 at Urbeth, Invidia, Spelvia, and the Kingdom of Horne after saving the king.

Dissidia 012 Final FantasyEdit

Dissidia012 Darksteel Shield is a level 30 shield that provides +29 Bravery, -2 Attack, +26 Defense, and Warp Defense +10%. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 22050 gil, Heavy Shield, and Basilisk Pebble.


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