The Dark King is the final boss of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He is fought at the summit of Doom Castle at the end of the game.

Battle Edit

The Dark King has four forms. The first form is his human form, where he uses Spark and Iron Nail to reduce the Attack and Defense powers of the party. However, his attacks do little damage otherwise.

When the Dark King takes enough damage, he changes into a six-armed form with six weapons. In this form, the Dark King attacks with Dark Sabre, Mirror Sword, Fire Sword, Ice Sword, and Quake Axe. Despite their names, none of the attacks deal their associated elemental damage, and are all considered Damage attacks. Quake Axe causes damage to both party members, and Cure Arrow heals the Dark King and does Shoot-elemental damage to a single target.

When the Dark King transforms into his first spider form, he is at his most dangerous. Lazer, Spider Kids, and Super Stab are strong singular attacks, and his Silver Web and Golden Web can inflict status ailments. In this form, the Dark King also wields the spells Mega White and Mega Flare, which can do heavy damage to both party members.

Status ailments should be healed immediately, and the player should use White spell and Flare spell to attack. If the Dark King's attacks are too strong for the player, they can resort to having one party member cast Cure every turn while the other attacks. Although this is the best "normal" way to defeat the Dark King, he has a secret weakness - the Cure spell, but only when cast by Benjamin. If the player has Benjamin cast Cure on him, the attack will actually break the damage limit and do more than 10,000 damage to the Dark King due to an overflow error, allowing the player to defeat him easily.

Music Edit

"Battle 3"
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The music used during the battle with the Dark King is titled "Battle 3".

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