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Welcome to the power of darkness!
—The Dark King

The Dark King is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. A green-skinned monarch in regal robes, he watches over the world from his throne in Doom Castle, situated above the Focus Tower.

Story Edit

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The Dark King is the secret master of the Vile Four, and the one who ordered them to drain the Crystals of their power and weaken the land. The Crystal of Light is found near the end of the game shining at the Dark King's throne when he is killed. The significance of this is not explained, though it may be meant to imply the Dark King was draining its power as the Vile Four were draining their respective Crystals.

Centuries ago, the Dark King started a rumor that would become known as the Prophecy. The "Prophecy" foretold of a Knight who would arise to defeat the Vile Four and kill the Dark King. Though it is not explained why the Dark King started this rumor, the Crystal of Light believed the Prophecy to be true, and eventually believes Benjamin is the Knight it predicts will defeat the Dark King. With the Crystal of Light's guidance, Benjamin saves the Crystals and climbs both the Focus Tower and Doom Castle to confront the Dark King. With Phoebe's help, he ultimately defeats him and saves the world.

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Battle Edit

FFMQ Dark King1

The Dark King is fought at Doom Castle's summit as the final boss of the game.

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In his second form, the Dark King takes on the appearance of a six-armed man wielding six weapons, and bears a slight similarity to Gilgamesh. The Gilgamesh of mythology was also once the King of Uruk and became a dark character who quested for immortality.

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