FFD Dark Gate

Dark Gate.

Dark Gate is a location in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It serves as a crossroad, linking several areas inside The Void together.


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After defeating all the Divine Generals, the Warriors of Light and Warriors of Darkness enter a portal to the void and reach this area. Vata shows up and warns them that somebody has to be sacrificed if they continue.

After defeating Four Blades of Nil, which are Misery, Anguish, Suffering and Despair, they encounter Dark Flow here. As the enemy is intangible, Vata fuses himself with the foe, allowing the warriors to defeat it with the cost of his own life. Sol screams out for Vata when he dies. A gate to the Mountain of the Father is opened and the World of Nil becomes accessible. The warriors continue their path to defeat the emperor.

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Linked AreasEdit


There is an orb that allows the party to restore their HP/MP.