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FFD Dark Blade is a skillset used by Dark Knight in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

List of AbilitiesEdit

Ability Job Level MP Slots Description
Darkness 0 1 Consumes one-quarter of max HP to deal heavy damage to a single target.
Curse 3 15 Inflicts Curse and Sap on a single target.
Onyx Wave 5 1 Consumes one-third of max HP to deal damage to all enemies.
Backliner 7 1 Can attack from the back row without a loss in damage.
Draw Attacks 9 1 Draws enemy attacks onto oneself.
Absorb HP 11 Recovers HP proportional to physical damage dealt.
Last Resort 14 10 Inflicts Doom on self but increases own stats.
Final Thrust 17 16 Deals damage based on own max HP to a single target. More likely to succeed at lower HP levels.
Ebony Slash 20 28 Deals dark damage to a single target.


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