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Dark Aeons

The Dark Aeons (ヘレティック召喚獣, Heretikku Shōkanjū?, lit. Heretic Summon Beasts) are dark counterparts of aeons in Final Fantasy X. Dark Aeons are one of the extra features included in the International, PAL, and HD Remaster versions of Final Fantasy X. Each has a red spot somewhere on their body, possibly an emblem to show that they are Dark Aeons, unlike their regular counterparts. The origin of the Dark Aeons is never mentioned. The Dark Aeons appear twice in the game: First time to stop Yuna and her guardians, and the second occasion is when Yu Yevon takes possession of aeons in the end.

List of Dark AeonsEdit

Once Yuna and her guardians escape Bevelle Dark Aeons appear to halt their journey, some blocking access to previously friendly locations, while others wander in inconspicuous locations hoping party would come across their path.

Each Dark Aeon boasts a high HP, with Dark Anima taking the honors with eight million. They each have supreme stats and are immune to all status effects. All drop weapons and armor with Break Damage Limit and Break HP Limit along with other high-level auto-abilities, such as Ribbon. Some of the Dark Aeons' abilities are non-elemental, such as Dark Shiva's Diamond Dust and Dark Ixion's Thundaja. Thus, Elemental-Eater abilities have no effect.

Dark ValeforEdit

Dark Valefor

Dark Valefor is available after obtaining the airship. At the entrance to Besaid Village, a summoner disallows the party's entry and summons Dark Valefor, who must be defeated to return to the village. The pre- and post-battle cutscenes use recycled dialogue from early parts of the game. If Valefor's second Overdrive, Energy Blast, was not obtained before leaving Besaid Island for the first time, the player will have to defeat Dark Valefor to obtain it. One of the Jecht Spheres Auron needs for his Bushido is located in Besaid Village. Unless the player makes a long trek back to Besaid after Jecht Spheres are unlocked, defeating Dark Valefor is the only way for Auron to learn all of his Overdrives.

Dark IfritEdit

Dark Ifrit

After obtaining the airship, Dark Ifrit is found at the entrance to the now-inaccessible Home on Bikanel. If the player approaches the former entrance, a summoner disguised as an Al Bhed woman will ask for their assistance, luring them into a trap where Dark Ifrit pounces if they try to peer over the edge of the canyon. The appearance of Dark Ifrit relates to the Home glitch that affects some International versions of the game.

Dark IxionEdit

Dark Ixion

Dark Ixion is available after viewing the arrival cutscene of Calm Lands. The first battle against Dark Ixion will initiate after talking to the Warrior Monk in the northern area of the Thunder Plains. Dark Ixion must be defeated twice before he will disappear and the player can escape the battle. The second battle with Ixion can be avoided until the player is ready, allowing for items to be restocked. Dark Ixion uses different attacks between the first and second battle.

Dark ShivaEdit

Dark Shiva

Dark Shiva blocks the entrance to Macalania Temple and is summoned by a group of Guado. Once she is defeated, the Guado will chase the party away from the temple, like they did after the defeat of Seymour Guado. After the party escapes, it is again possible to return to the temple.

Dark BahamutEdit

Dark Bahamut

After defeating Yunalesca and obtaining the airship, Dark Bahamut takes her place in the Zanarkand Dome. If the Sun Crest was not obtained before embarking on the airship, the only way to get it is by defeating Dark Bahamut.

Dark AnimaEdit

Dark Anima

If the player returns to Mt. Gagazet after viewing the campfire scene at start of Zanarkand Ruins, and then completes Wakka's ball-throwing trial in the mountain cave once more, Dark Anima will appear at the entrance to the mountain. The party is not forced to fight Anima, so she can be spawned and then left alone until the player is ready.

Dark YojimboEdit

Dark Yojimbo

Leaving and reentering the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth after completing its events will summon Dark Yojimbo to ambush the party. After his first defeat, the summoner will retreat through the cavern and the next battle will initiate upon their next encounter. Dark Yojimbo must be fought five times in a row for him to be truly defeated.

Returning to the save sphere to regenerate the party's HP and MP and to save the game will not reset Dark Yojimbo's battle count, but if the player reloads their saved game using the Soft reset, enters the blitzball menu or leaves the cavern, the battle count is reset and the player must start over from the first Dark Yojimbo fight. This can be used to the player's advantage to fight him repeatedly to obtain all the rare equipment.

Dark Magus SistersEdit

Dark CindyDark SandyDark Mindy
For their battle information, see: Dark Sandy, Dark Mindy and Dark Cindy.

After obtaining the airship, the Dark Magus Sisters are found on the Mushroom Rock Road, near the exit to the Mi'ihen Highroad, and can be fought together or separately.

Once the Dark Magus Sisters are summoned, they will run towards the party, and if they catch them, a battle against all three sisters will initiate where they will have her Overdrive bar full. If the player avoids them and runs towards the Valley, the Dark Magus Sisters will give chase. If the player reaches halfway up the valley, Dark Cindy will give up the chase, so that if the remaining two sisters catch the party, Dark Cindy will not participate in the battle and will be fought separately.

If, however, the player reaches the mushroom elevator at the north end of the valley, Dark Mindy will give up the chase, and the player will face Dark Sandy on her own. Once Dark Sandy is defeated, the player must take the elevator back to battle Dark Mindy, and run back through the valley to fight Dark Cindy.

Fighting the three Dark Magus Sisters separately has many advantages, as the player can heal between battles, and the sisters will not be able to use their Delta Attack Overdrive, using Mega-Graviton instead.

The Dark Magus Sisters can be evaded by reaching the save sphere, saving and soft resetting. Upon reloading the game Mushroom Rock can be traversed through as normal unless the player runs into the summoners again.



Once the player defeats all Dark Aeons, Penance will appear as an option on the destination selection screen on the Fahrenheit and boasts 12,000,000 HP for the main body, and 500,000 HP for the arms.


The word aeon, also spelled eon, originally means "life" or "being", though it then tended to mean "age", "forever" or "for eternity". In Gnostic lore, it denotes the immaterial emanations of God.

The word dark means "lacking or having very little light or color", as well another way of saying "evil".

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