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Darius on the Pureland map.

Darius (ダリウス, Dariusu?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III. Humans, Cyborgs, and Beasts populates the town of Darius. There is a ferryboat at the port that can take players to Knaya. Players also learn in this town that Nature's going awry these days, and Dive and Float are unusable for traveling.



Name Cost
FFLIII SwordDragon 5500 G
FFLIII Fire ArmPsi 5500 G
FFLIII OrdnanceATM 5500 G
FFLIII SkillSmother 8500 G


Name Cost
FFLIII Other2Earring 5500 G
FFLIII ShoesDiamond 5500 G
FFLIII HelmetDiamond 18000 G
FFLIII ShieldDiamond 8500 G


Name Cost
FFLIII CurativeCure3 300 G
FFLIII CurativeSoft 200 G
FFLIII CurativeAntedot 200 G
FFLIII CurativeThroat 200 G
FFLIII CurativeEyeDrop 200 G
FFLIII CurativeElixir 3500 G


Name Cost
FFLIII White MagicCure3 5500 G
FFLIII White MagicHeal 8500 G
FFLIII Black MagicFire2 5500 G
FFLIII Black MagicExit 8500 G


  • FFLIII White MagicHeal
  • FFLIII Explosive2Star

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