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Dancing Heart was a continuous quick-play Challenge Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Scenario Edit

Penelo, an aspiring dancer, was raised as an orphan with her ever-dreaming friend Vaan not far away. The pair lost family during the war between Archadia and their native Dalmasca. Under the care of a bangaa storekeeper named Migelo, she begins to thrive. As Penelo matures into a young woman with a sense of purpose and a strong work ethic, Vaan often gets lost in his aspirations of becoming a great thief and sky pirate, and she takes it upon herself to keep him in line every single time.

Little does the pair realize that they are soon to be thrust into the greater struggle for the fate of Old Ivalice against the empire that changed their lives forever.

Penelo's story was also the focus of the earlier event Tempered Resolve.

Musical themes Edit

"Penelo's Theme" was selected as the principal track for this event.

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