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FFTA2 Penelo
An enchanting master of the dance who gyres and gyrates to evoke an array of magickal effects.

Dancer is a job class exclusive to Penelo in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Her dances have debilitating effects on enemies. Many of the abilities are taken from the Dancer classes in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy Tactics, though they lack the target-all-enemies capability of the latter. The Dancer can equip poles, rods, staves, and daggers. In utility, it is the direct opposite of Hurdy's Bard job, some moves being related, such as the Forbidden Dance and Nameless Song being exact opposites.

Though with average stat growth, this job can be lethal if used with Assassin as a main job, giving the benefits of equipping powerful katana, access to Last Breath and ranged attack via greatbows. Another notable combo is combining Penelo's Dancer class with Green Magick, allowing Penelo to buff the party and debilitate the enemy's party. Combining Spellblade as the primary job allows her to equip better weapons and armor, as well as improving her debuffing capabilities. If equipped with Reflex and Ribbon, Penelo can defeat almost any foe without concern about standard attacks and debuffs herself, making her a fearsome unit.


Weapons Head Body Equip Shields?
Knives, Rods, Staves, Poles Hats Light Armor No

Move Jump HP MP Atk Def Mgk Res Spd
4 2 D C F F D D 58%



The arts of the DANCER used to perform magickal dances with an array of unique effects.

Skill Source Equipment Effect Range AP To Master
Mincing Minuet Mastered Deals ranged damage to one foe. 4
Blade Dance Mastered Deals damage twice, only available when wielding a bladed weapon. 1
Forbidden Dance Heretic Rod Inflicts a random status ailment. 4 350
Slow Dance Mastered Inflicts Slow on a unit. 4
Witch Hunt Mastered Removes MP from one foe. 4
Polka Esztam Baton Lowers enemy's Weapon Attack power. 4 250
Heathen Frolic Force Rod Lowers enemy's Magick power. 4 250
Jitterbug Staff of Magi Snatches the enemy's life. Deals damage and heals user. 4 300


Skill Source Equipment Effect AP to Master
Critical: Quicken Mastered Bestows Quick when at critical HP.



  • The Dancer is considered a viera job, as Penelo can only choose between the viera classes.
  • Dancer is the only viera job that can equip rods.
  • The Faust Dancer has the additional class description: "this one seems to stagger and swoon though..."
  • The Impostor Penelo comes with the Lifespring ability, which is not obtainable by any class in the game.