Chocobo Dancer

Chocobo as a Dancer.

Dancer is a Job class in Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon. It is acquired by obtaining the Dancer's Memories.


Ability Level Description JP Target Cost
Toe Kick 1 Slight damage and knockback to one foe. 0 One grid forward 1 SP
Pirouette 2 Slight damage and knockback to nearby foes. 220 One grid radius 2 SP
Hip Attack 3 Medium damage and knockback to one foe. 220 One grid forward 3 SP
Sleep Dance 4 Send all nearby foes to sleep. 440 One grid radius 3 SP
Pas de Chat 4 Move without waking sleeping foes. 440 Chocobo 3 SP
Dancing Blades 5 Medium damage to foes in a three grid radius. 660 Three grid radius 3 SP
Charge 6 May restore some SP. 880 Chocobo 1 SP
Final Dance 7 Restores all HP and cures afflictions. 1100 Chocobo 4 SP
Quick Step 8 Move faster for a period of time. 1320 Chocobo 3 SP
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