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The arts of the DANCER used to perform magickal dances with an array of unique effects.
—Description of Dance

Dance (踊り, Odori?) is the skillset of the Dancer in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. The Dance skillset consists of attacks that lower enemy stats and inflict status ailments.


Skill Source Equipment Range AP to Master Image
Mincing Minuet Mastered 4
Deals ranged damage to one foe.
Blade Dance Mastered 1 FFTA2 Blade Dance
Deals damage twice, only available when wielding a bladed weapon.
Forbidden Dance Heretic Rod 4 350
Inflicts a random status ailment.
Slow Dance Mastered 4 FFTA2 Dance
Inflicts Slow on a unit.
Witch Hunt Mastered 4
Removes MP from one foe.
Polka Esztam Baton 4 250
Lowers enemy's Weapon Attack power.
Heathen Frolic Force Rod 4 250
Lowers enemy's Magick power.
Jitterbug Staff of the Magi 4 300
Snatches the enemy's life. Deals damage and heals user.