Dancer job command. Perform mysterious dances to create unusual effects.
—Description of Dance

Dance (踊り, Odori?) is the action ability of the Dancer in Final Fantasy Tactics. Dance consists of attacks the sap enemy stats, with one exception that inflicts status ailments on enemies.

The damage formula for Dance is as follows:

Physical Attack + PWR


PS1 Name PSP Name Range Effect Speed PS1/PSP JP Needed Image
Witch Hunt 1 All enemies 17 100 FFT Witch Hunt
A dance whose esoteric moves reduce enemies' MP.
Wiznaibus Mincing Minuet 1 All enemies 17 100 FFT Wiznaibus
A dance whose fervent steps damage enemies' HP.
Slow Dance 1 All enemies 13 100 FFT Slow Dance
A dance whose sedate pace reduces enemies' Speed.
Polka Polka Polka 1 All enemies 13 100 FFT Polka Polka
A quick, vivacious dance that reduces enemies' physical attack power.
Disillusion Heathen Frolick 1 All enemies 10 100 FFT Disillusion
An exotic dance that clouds the mind, reducing enemies' magickal attack power.
Nameless Dance Forbidden Dance 1 All enemies 10 100 FFT Nameless Dance
A mesmerizing dance that inflicts status effects.
Effect: Blind, Confuse, Silence, Toad, Poison, Slow, Stop, Sleep.
Last Dance Last Waltz 1 All enemies 5 100 FFT Last Dance
The ultimate dance. Drops the CT of all enemies to zero.