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Damage Priority is a gameplay term in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. It is a value used to determine what attacks can be blocked or not.

There are two main types of attacks, Ranged and Melee, and three levels of priority, Low, Mid and High. Low attacks can be blocked normally, Mid attacks stagger the blocking character, and High attacks crush guards. What happens to the attacker depends on if the move is Ranged or Melee - generally, blocking a Melee Low attack will cause the attacker to stagger, while blocking a Ranged Low attack will not.

Melee attacks will deflect or cancel out Ranged attacks of the same priority - a Melee Mid attack will deflect or cancel out a Ranged Mid attack, but will fail against a Ranged High attack. Thus, Melee High is the highest normal block priority. There are two other types of attacks - some special ranged attacks cannot be blocked, but are canceled out by dashes and other attacks, while other attacks cannot be blocked or deflected in any way.

Strictly speaking, attacks that crush guards are not the same as attacks that cannot be blocked - Cloud's Braver attack pierces a normal block, but High priority block abilities and other Melee High priority attacks will still block Braver. Attacks which are impossible to block cannot be reflected by any ability or attack of any priority, such as Terra's Flood or the Emperor's Starfall.

Blocks also have priority. All Dashes and Blocks will deflect Ranged Low projectiles. Dashes will fail against any attack higher than Ranged Low attacks. A normal Block will deflect Low priority and Ranged Mid attacks, but blocking the latter will cause the blocking character to stagger. With the Precision Block ability equipped, a normal Block will block all Mid and High priority attacks as well, but doing so will cause the character to stagger. Jecht Block can block all attacks, but blocking Melee High attacks will stagger both characters.

The highest possible Block priority blocks all attacks and does not cause the blocking character to stagger, but there are only three ways to achieve this - Exdeath's Omni Block, Ultimecia's charged Knight's Spear, and a Level 2 Assist Change. Various attacks also have block effects, but the priority varies on an individual basis. Attacks with Magic Block only block Ranged Low attacks.

Priority tablesEdit

Colliding attacks
O: Win (stagger enemy melee, reflect projectile) Δ: Draw (melee weapons clash, deflect projectile)
X: Lose (same as O, but in the opponent's favor) —: Ignore (attack passes through other attacks)
Low priority Mid priority High priority Special Unblockable
Range Melee Range Melee Range Melee
L Range Δ X X X X X
Melee O Δ X X O
M Range O Δ X Δ X O
Melee O O O Δ X O
H Range O Δ X O
Melee O O O O O Δ O
Special X X X X X
Blocking attacks
O: Win (block melee, reflect projectile) Δ: Stagger (both stagger, reflect projectiles)
X: Lose (block fails, or is Guard Crushed) —: Ignore (projectile passes through the block)
Low priority Mid priority High priority Special Unblockable
Range Melee Range Melee Range Melee
Dash O X X X X X O
Block Low O X X X X X
Block Mid O O Δ X / ΔΔ with Precision Block, X without X / ΔΔ with Precision Block, X without X / ΔΔ with Precision Block, X without
Block High O O O O X X
Jecht Block O O O O O Δ
Block Highest O O O O O O
Shell Guard O O X
Protect Guard O O X

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