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Westersand shop

Lohen's shop on the far west side of Dalmasca Westersand.

The Dalmasca Westersand can be harsh, boy. Get a good sandstorm stirred up, you can't hardly see your hand in front of your face!

The Dalmasca Westersand (西ダルマスカ砂漠, Nishi Darumasuka Sabaku?) is a location in the land of Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII. It is a section of the large desert that surrounds the Royal City of Rabanastre.

Sage KnowledgeEdit

One of the vast deserts of the Dalmascan region situated to the west of Rabanastre. Few roads pass through this waste, and as such it is little frequented by merchants. In Dalmasca Westersand, the sandstorms are more greatly feared than the beasts; so much so, in fact, that whole societies of natural philosophers in Rabanastre devote themselves to their study.
Sage Knowledge piece 47


The Dalmasca Westersand is located just to the west of Rabanastre, in the Dalmasca region. The area is slightly mountainous and maze-like unlike the mostly wide-open Estersand. Ogir-Yensa Sandsea lies to the west, Zertinan Caverns to the southwest, Giza Plains to the southeast, and Estersand to the northeast, although the northeastern exit is blocked by a sandstorm, unless the player completes the Earth Tyrant sidequest.


Ring Wyrm

Ring Wyrm is a mark fought only in a sandstorm.

Unlike the Estersand that never gets a sandstorm, sandstorms are common in the Westersand, being caused by the Earth Tyrant. Once the Earth Tyrant has been slain, the sandstorms will die down and become a rare occurrence. The easiest way to trigger a sandstorm after Earth Tyrant has been slain is to enter Westersand from the Giza Plains during the Rains. Gnoma Entite and Ring Wyrm (mark) only appear during a sandstorm.

In sandstorm, Fire, Wind and Earth attacks are 20% more effective than normal, and Water does half damage. Because the Westersand is of sand terrain, all Earth attacks are always 20% more effective than they would be on other terrains.

The possible weather conditions in Dalmasca Westersand are:

  • Sunny
  • Cloudy (sky is darkened)
  • Sandstorm


FF12 - Treasure Urn

Dalmasca Westersand has no special treasures; all treasures are common recovery items, such as Potions, Hi-Potions and Phoenix Downs, unless the treasures contain gil. The player may also acquire the Onion Arrows or Motes.

When the Diamond Armlet is equipped and the treasure is set to contain items rather than gil, the treasure is a Knot of Rust 90% of the time, and a rarer recovery item (such as X-Potion or Hi-Ether) or Mote (such as Holy Mote) 10% of the time.


  • Galtea Downs (to Rabanastre)
  • Corridor of Sand
  • Wyrm's Nest (to Dalmasca Estersand)
  • The Midfault
  • Shimmering Horizons (to Zertinan Caverns and Giza Plains)
  • Windtrace Dunes
  • The Western Divide (to the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea)

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Earth Tyrant-large

Earth Tyrant is an optional boss found in the Westersand.

Friendly NPCEdit



Note: The items available for purchase change throughout the game. These items may not all be available at the same time.


Consult the Weapons article for more information on individual weapons.

Weapon Cost
Gungnir 17,000 gil


Consult the Accessories article for more information on individual accessories.

Accessory Cost
Bangle 500 gil
Steel Gorget 1,500 gil
Armguard 800 gil
Tourmaline Ring 300 gil
Gauntlets 1,200 gil
Battle Harness 1,000 gil
Leather Gorget 1,500 gil
Rose Corsage 800 gil
Agate Ring 3,000 gil


Consult the Magick article for more information on individual spells.

Magick Cost
Renew (Available after the Pharos) 30,600 gil

Musical ThemesEdit

"The Dalmasca Westersand" from Final Fantasy XII
The dalmasca westersand
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The theme of Dalmasca Westersand is called simply "The Dalmasca Westersand".


FF12 Map - Dalmasca Westersand

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