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The Daily Dungeons are a recurring gameplay element in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. As their name implies, they are groups of dungeons that rotate each real-time day of game activity. Players can utilize these dungeons at any time to fortify their characters and to acquire synthesis items. To date, there have been two rotations, both of which offer similar items, but which may offer different bonuses to specific characters whose Record Realms are visited (otherwise known as Record Synergy).

Start and durationEdit

All Daily Dungeons open at midnight US/Pacific*No adjustment for Summer Time (8:00 a.m. UTC), and remain open for the game day.

Naming conventionEdit

The Daily Dungeons are named according to their spoils in battle. For instance, the EXP dungeon open on Sundays has taken the title "_________ of Wisdom", while others have had some variance between cycles. The current Tuesday dungeon, Ebonifist Keep, derives its name from the Black ("ebony") and Power ("fist", associated with punching, which requires strength or "power") Orbs found there.


The Daily Dungeons are organized into the game's principal difficulty levels of Easy, Normal, Hard, Heroic, + and ++, and consist of three battles of three rounds each. No bosses are fought. Defeated foes may drop the day's item(s) at any time, but do not always do so; thus, it may be possible that the player receives no items at all. However, there is no limit to the number of times a player may take on these dungeons within his or her maximum Stamina capacity.

With the April 13, 2016 backend update, battles in the Daily Dungeons may also drop Gysahl Greens, currency for Fat Chocobo's Gysahl Exchange, which allows the player to shop for various consumable items.

Every difficulty has different Stamina costs for battles:

Difficulty Level Stamina per Battle Stamina Total
Easy 3 9
Normal 5 15
Hard 10 30
Heroic 15 45
+ 20 60
++ 30 90

The greater the difficulty, the better the materials dropped.

Power systemEdit

The power system in play for the Daily Dungeons is reminiscent of a concept in the Mana series, specifically in Seiken Densetsu 3, whereupon characters of a certain affiliation are given additional power on a specific day of the week. Given this, Sunday is the only day when all player characters are treated as equal, irrespective of their origin.

Current schedule and rewardsEdit

As with the regular game, each dungeon offers rewards for completion, mastery, and first play, also changing daily. To date, Mythril has been the only recurrent first-time prize; thus, new players can get a lot of it quickly by just completing these events.

Daily Dungeon schedule
Day Realm in Power Item(s)
Sunday None*Battles from Final Fantasy V EXP
Monday Core Classes*Battles from Final Fantasy VI
  • Fire Orb
  • Earth Orb
  • Scarletite
  • Adamantite
Tuesday IV
  • Black Orb
  • Power Orb
Wednesday VI
  • Lightning Orb
  • Wind Orb
  • Gil
Thursday III
  • White Orb
  • Power Orb
Friday X
  • Dark Orb
  • Holy Orb
  • Scarletite
  • Adamantite
Saturday VII
  • Ice Orb
  • Non-Elemental Orb
  • Gil
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