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Dahaka's fighting form.

Dahaka (ダハーカ, Dahāka?) is a Gran Pulse fal'Cie from Final Fantasy XIII, a masked flying serpent tasked to search for Etro's gate from the sky. The party spots it in Yaschas Massif and resolves to follow its path toward Oerba. Territorial in nature, Dahaka attacks anything that invades his abode in Taejin's Tower. After having his tail chopped off by the Menhirrim when Lightning's group enters the tower, Dahaka confronts them atop of the tower and unfolds its true form, a demon resting on a throne.


Residing within Taejin's Tower, this Gran Pulse fal'Cie soars through the sky with an ease that seems almost uncanny given the bulk of its form.

Although the majority of fal'Cie on Gran Pulse dedicate themselves to terraforming or other tasks of environmental modification, Dahaka does nothing of the sort. Plausible conjectures as the nature of the flying fal'Cie’s duty include some manner of aerial monitoring or the search for something the heavens conceal.


Dahaka is fought at the top of Taejin's Tower. The music that plays during the battle is "Test of the l'Cie".

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Aži Dahāka is a figure from ancient Iranian folklore, also known as Zahhak. Azi is the Avestan word for snake or serpent but in modern Farsi is closer to dragon. Dahaka has dubious origins, and can simultaneously mean large, burning or stinging.

Zahhak is represented in Persian and Arabic myth as a serpentine God-King that resided in an impregnable fortress, instigating terror over his populace and eating men, and is ultimately opposed and overthrown by his followers, led by the hero Fereyedun. He is commonly the son of Angra Mainyu and is in opposition to Ahura Mazda, and is depicted with three mouths and six eyes, with scorpions crawling over its body or as its blood.

Dahaka shares its Japanese name with Taharka, a boss from Final Fantasy IX.

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