Daguza battle

Vaan and Balthier battle Daguza.

Daguza is an enemy in Final Fantasy XII. He is the seeq warden of the Nalbina Dungeons. He and his two comrades often beat the prisoners, and even severely beat a bangaa, possibly to death, right in front of Vaan. Vaan tries to stop them, but gets knocked out and is thrown into the fighting pit in the dungeons.

Eventually, Balthier comes to his rescue and though unarmed, the two beat up the abusive seeq guards. Daguza and his team are not added to the Clan Primer and do not count towards 100% completion for the Bestiary.

Daguza was born in Archadia, his age is unknown, and he was voiced by Naoki Makishima in the Japanese version.[1]


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