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Daguerreo's opening screen.

There's an old legend in this region about a dragon god and his divine protection. I think it may be true.

Daguerreo (ダゲレオ, Dagereo?) is an optional location in Final Fantasy IX. It is an indoor library of sorts near the Forgotten Continent. It can only be reached by airship or Choco. Some of the best weapons and armor in the game can be bought or synthesized here. The lower levels of Daguerreo are flooded.


People to meetEdit

The player can find the Engineer Zebolt from Lindblum near the right entrance on the second floor.

Zidane will also encounter a Cleyran survivor, Forest Oracle Kildea. Gilgamesh also resides in Daguerreo, although he won't reveal his name until certain criteria are met.


The Capricorn Stellazzio coin is found on the right of the entrance in Daguerreo.

Young Man and Sales Clerk's debateEdit

To the left of Zebolt, the shop's Sales Clerk and a Young Man are having a heated exchange. If the player agrees with the Young Man he will give the party the rare Flare card. Next, the player can stand on the Sales Clerk's side and she will give the party the rare Meteor card.

Leviathan AltarEdit

On the third floor's balcony, there is a stone that affects the altar at the entrance: after activating it, the statue in the first floor allows the player to turn Ore into Aquamarine, one for every four Ore.

Opening the weapon shopEdit


Levers below the weapon shop.

To open the weapon shop the player must fix the lift to the library's upper levels. Below the Weaponsmith there are three levers and three platforms. To the right there is a staff leaning against the bookshelves.

  1. Lower the left lever until the platform is level with the floor.
  2. Examine the wall behind the lowered platform to find a hole.
  3. Insert the staff into the hole.
  4. Lower the right levers until the platform is at floor level.
  5. Step on the platform and press X-button.


Gilgamesh in daguerreo

Gilgamesh met in Daguerreo.

The master treasure hunter, the Four-Armed Man, can be met in Daguerreo. If the player attains the highest Treasure Hunter Rank he is revealed to be Gilgamesh. If the player challenges him to a game of Tetra Master they find he plays with the rare airship cards, and extremely rarely even with the Invincible card, one of the game's most powerful cards. After he's revealed his identity as Gilgamesh he leaves and can no longer be challenged for a game of cards.



Old Man receiving Magical Fingertip.

The Old Man near the inn on the top floor mentions an item called Magical Fingertip, which the player can then win at the Treno Auction House and bring to him in exchange for Excalibur, one of Steiner's best weapons.

Renaming party membersEdit


Namingway card used in Daguerreo.

A Researcher in the middle level allows the player to rename any of the characters when the player shows him the Namingway card. To reach the middle level the player must examine the block next to the Medicine Shop to release an obstruction. The ladder to the middle floor is behind the scholar searching for a book. The book is at the stack of books on the right.

Hidden itemsEdit

There are two Elixirs on each side of the middle floor.


* Only one of the above cards can be obtained.


Synthesis Expert's ShopEdit

Item Price (gil) Components
Angel Bless9,000Mythril Dagger, Gladius
Sargatanas12,000Gladius, Zorlin Shape
Cotton Robe1,000Wrist, Steepled Hat
Silk Robe2,000Silk Shirt, Bandana
Magician Robe3,000Mage Staff, Magician Cloak
Glutton's Robe6,000Mythril Fork, Cotton Robe
White Robe8,000Gaia Gear, Jade Armlet
Black Robe8,000Gaia Gear, N-Kai Armlet
Cachusha1,000Magus Hat, Rubber Helmet
Coral Ring1,200Lightning Staff, Rod
Magician Shoes1,500Germinas Boots, Bone Wrist
Barette1,800Needle Fork, Barbut
Power Belt2,000Glass Buckle, Chain Mail
Madain's Ring3,000Bone Wrist, Stardust Rod
Fairy Earrings3,200Magic Armlet, Soft
Extension3,500Lamia's Tiara, Multina Racket
Reflect Ring7,000Anklet, Madain's Ring
Anklet4,000Gold Choker, Peridot
Feather Boots4,000Magician Shoes, Phoenix Pinion
Black Belt4,000Twist Headband, Survival Vest
Pearl Rouge6,000Moonstone, Elixir
Promist Ring6,000Chimera Armlet, Ruby
Battle Boots6,500Feather Boots, Wing Edge
Rebirth Ring7,000Diamond, Anklet
Angel Earrings8,000Fairy Earrings, Barette
Garnet350Ore, Remedy
Amethyst200Ore, Annoyntment
Peridot100Ore, Soft
Sapphire200Ore, Antidote
Opal100Ore, Potion
Topaz100Ore, Eye Drops
Thief Gloves50,000Mythril Armlet, Sargantanas

Arguing Sales Clerk's Medicine ShopEdit

Item Price (gil)
Phoenix Down150
Echo Screen50
Eye Drops50
Magic Tag100

Weaponsmith's ShopEdit

Item Price (gil)
Ultima Sword14,000
Holy Lance11,000
Kaiser Knuckles18,000
Bistro Fork10,300
Dragon Wrist4,800
Power Wrist5,100
Aegis Gloves7,000
Mage's Hat600
Flash Hat5,200
Adaman Hat6,100
Mage Masher500
Platinum Helm4,600
Kaiser Helm7,120
Minerva's Plate122,000
Ninja Gear14,000
Platina Armor10,500
Carabini Mail12,300
Dragon Mail14,000
Mythril Dagger950
Zorlin Shape6,000
Rune Blade8,900
Tiger Fangs13,500
Mythril Racket2,250
Asura's Rod3,180
Octagon Rod4,500
Rising Sun500
Bone Wrist330
Mythril Armor500
Magic Armlet1,000
Chimera Armlet1,200
Egoist's Armlet2,000
N-Kai Armlet3,000
Jade Armlet3,400
Venetia Shield2,800
Defense Gloves6,000
Lamia's Tiara800
Twist Headband1,200
Golden Hairpin3,700
Diamond Helm3,000
Gaia Gear8,700
Demon's Vest10,250
Demon's Mail5,900
Diamond Armor8,800

Musical ThemesEdit

"Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library"
FFIX Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library
Trouble with the audio sample?

The theme that plays in Daguerreo is called "Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library".



A daguerreotype is a type of early photography, invented by Louis Daguerre. The reason behind naming the library after the photographic technique is a matter of speculation.

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