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Da Choa

The Da-chao Statue.

Located in Wutai, the Da-chao Statue is the name given to the monolithic sculpture sculpted into the mountain overlooking Wutai Village. Da-chao is a Water God in Wutai legend. The location can be visited in Final Fantasy VII. Though an optional area, it is part of Yuffie's sidequest.


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Don Corneo kidnaps both Yuffie and Elena and ties them to the face of one of the statues on the mountainside, and AVALANCHE joins forces with the Turks to rescue the two.

AVALANCHE defeats Don Corneo's "pet" Rapps, but when Corneo threatens to send Yuffie and Elena plummeting down the mountain, Reno and Rude intervene, kicking Corneo off the cliffside. Reno gets a call from Shinra to continue pursuing Cloud and his friends, but puts the assignment off because they are still off duty.

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Right HandEdit

The leftmost hand, which is a right hand.

Right SideEdit

Left HandEdit

The rightmost hand, which is a left hand.

Left SideEdit

Town OverlookEdit



Fire cave


There is a cave on the mountain covered in flames. On the first visit the player can find Cid's Dragoon Lance in the cave, but the flames block the path further. After the Huge Materia quest in Junon Underwater Reactor the player finds the Leviathan Scales (here referred to in dialogue as "The Scale of the Sea God", which can be used to quell the fires in the cave to find Steal as Well Materia and Oritsuru weapon for Yuffie.




Main battle background.

Right HandEdit


Rapps boss battle background.

Right SideEdit

Rightmost HandEdit

Left SideEdit

Town OverlookEdit


Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Da Zhao Temple is a Buddhist monastery in the city of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia in north-west China.

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