Death by cane...
—D. Shantotto
...or death by curse?
You decide which one is worse! O~hohohohoho!
—D. Shantotto

D. Shantotto is one of the two final bosses of the A Shantotto Ascension add-on scenario in Final Fantasy XI. She is fought alongside Shantotto in the mission battlefield Project - Shantottofication. D. Shantotto (Domina Shantotto), is the dark half of a Shantotto from a parallel dimension, and together with her light half (Belle Shantotto), aim to unleash the Shantottofication curse to take over the world.


D. Shantotto wields a scythe and is capable of using most scythe weapon skills. She also has access to a very wide repertoire of Black Magic spells which she will frequently cast with considerable speed. At less than 50% HP, D. Shantotto gains access to her strongest ability, an area attack called Salvation Scythe which inflicts Slow, Bio, Poison and a potent Paralysis effect.

She is capable of going into temporary rage at 75%, 50%, 25% and 10% HP. During this time, she gains a massive defense boost and auto regen and will call Shantotto to skillchain with her. She cannot be defeated while in rage mode - she will take 0 damage at 1% HP until her rage wears off.

Players can gain special buffs while attempting this battlefield. With the complete set of enhancements, they can boost their primary stat attributes and elemental resistances (except for light and darkness) by 150, as well as triple their maximum HP and MP counts.


The music that plays in this battlefield is "Feast of the Ladies", which is featured in disc one of Final Fantasy XI Original Soundtrack - Plus. This track was also used in the trailer for A Shantotto Ascension.


  • This battlefield was introduced in the November 10, 2009 Version Update. The level cap then was 75.
  • D. Shantotto is named as such in this battlefield because the D stand for different names in different languages. In English, her name is Domina Shantotto, whereas in Japanese it is Dulce Shantotto (ドルチェ・シャントット, [missing rōmaji]?).
  • Even with the massive stat bonuses granted for this battlefield, it was a considerable challenge to take on at level 75.