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Dáinsleif is a boss in Final Fantasy Type-0. A Magitek Armor weapon used by the Militesi Empire, it is fought in the first mission.

Enemy Compendium Edit

The first magitek armor produced exclusively for a l'Cie, the Dáinsleif was also the first Militesi mech equipped with Crystal-jamming capabilities. Scientists in the empire's R&D division incorporated some of the same teknology used in the simultaneously developed Vajra, emphasizing maneuverability over combat performance. Eager to test their new MA, he empire deployed the Dáinsleif in their invasion of Akademeia, and its crystal jammer succeeded in cutting the dominion legions off from the source of their magic power. However, Class Zero quickly disposed of the device, and although the Secundus l'Cie Qun'mi managed to reactivate the Dáinsleif, it was no match for Rubrum's legendary cadets.

Battle Edit

Strategy Edit

The player can charge Odin's Zantetsuken to 100% and then unleash it on Dáinsleif to win.

Etymology Edit

Dáinsleif is king Högni's sword, according to Snorri Sturluson's account of the battle known as the Hjaðningavíg.

Related enemies Edit

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