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Cursega (カーズガ, Kāzuga?) is a recurring ability in Final Fantasy series.

Appearances Edit

Final Fantasy XIII Edit


Render targets within a wide radius interruption-prone and deal magic damage.

Cursega is an ability of the Saboteur role. It is a debilitating spell and the upgraded version of Curse, that inflicts damage and the Curse status in a large area.

It is learned by Fang (Stage 5), Snow (Stage 7), and Hope (Stage 7). During the battle at Oerba, the boss Barthandelus will cast Cursega along with a medley of other "-ga" status effects.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Edit

XIII-2 Cursega appears as an enemy ability used only by Valfodr. It is a magic-type attack that makes targets more vulnerable to interruption and deals magical damage to targets in range.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Edit

LR Cursega is a debuffing attack that makes all enemies more likely to have attacks interrupted, and deals magic damage. It has an ATB cost of 40, Multiplier of 0.20, and a duration of 20.

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit


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Gallery Edit

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