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Final Fantasy XI Spell
Cure V
MP: 135
Effect: Restores target's HP. Afflatus Solace: grants the target the effect of Stoneskin.
Duration: 30 seconds for Stoneskin effect.
Casting Time: 2.5 seconds
Recast Time: 10 seconds
Magic Type: Healing Magic
Element: Light
Jobs: WHM 61
Automaton 61

Cure V (ケアルV, Kearu V?) is a powerful curative spell available in Final Fantasy XI. It is available exclusively to White Mages and Puppetmasters' Automatons that are equipped with the proper head. The highest Cure spell available to other Jobs that can learn cure spells (Paladins, Scholars, and Red Mages) is Cure IV.

Despite the large amount of HP that this spell can restore, its enmity generation is reduced to that of Cure III.

The scroll to learn Cure V is dropped from a wide variety of high-level Beastmen and Notorious Monsters. It can also be bought from the player-stocked auction house.


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