The Cubus is a Rare Game enemy found in Sochen Cave Palace in Final Fantasy XII. It is a stronger version of Oiling. It can also appear in the Zodiac versions' Trial Mode Stage 28 when checking the corners of the map, where it yields some good items: its rare drop is Chaos Mace ad its very rare drop is Elixir; its common steal is Six-fluted Pole, its uncommon steal is Halberd and its rare steal is Mirror Mail.

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Derivation: Oiling

Mutant oiling with a highly flammable nature.
This strain, as yet unrecorded in the Camp annals, is hunted in the Sochen Cave Palace.


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The Temptation Eluded area of the Sochen Cave Palace is filled with Pit Fiends and Wendigos 25% of the time. After killing all of these foes, Cubus will drop down right next to the player. This will only work if Pit Fiends and Wendigos spawn, not Strikers and Imps. There is a gate crystal so one can simply save and reset if there are no Pit Fiends and Wendigos.

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