Cu Chaspel is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.

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He can attack with his fist or jump into the air to perform an aerial rolling tackle. He also casts spells like Bio, Curse, or Blind while levitating, fires dark energy orbs in three directions, and at a certain point he starts gesturing with his hands. He has a resistance to Holy-elemental attacks.

If left like this, he makes two clones appear. They both can use the rolling attack, and drop Magicites when killed. Chaspel lacks of a Red Crystal weakness. When the real Chaspel is killed, he explodes in a flash of red light.

Strategy Edit

Since he has no Red Crystals, this battle will be quite difficult. The player should keep attacking with physical attacks, while casting various spells. Bio and Curse should be ignored and Clear should only be used if any party member is blinded. His orbs only do mild damage, but they should still be kept in mind. When Cu Chaspel begins to clone himself, the player should make sure to watch him and the Map screen.

The only way to tell the real Cu Chaspel from his clones is by viewing the map screen, on which he appears as a square while his clones appear as circles. After identifing the clones, attack the one that does not move, as it is the real Cu Chaspel (though he will move after a few seconds). His cloning move can actually be broken, through use of Yuri or Gnash's charge attacks, or by stunning, freezing, or paralyzing him. Repeating this tactic will allow the player to defeat Cu Chaspel.

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  • Earlier in the game, it is stated Lunites cannot use magic. Despite this, Cu Chaspel can cast spells without any problem.

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