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Hordes of new enemies will challenge even the most seasoned players.


Ruins of DelgantuaEdit

Ruins of Delgantua (Adv)Edit


Zellea (Adv)Edit

Available JobsEdit

W3 changes up some of the previous games' Jobs, as well as introducing new ones

  • Fencer
  • Black Mage
  • Hunter
  • Berserker
  • Time Mage
  • Thief
  • Dragoon
  • Flintlock
  • Tinker

The following Espers can also be summoned from the unit menu:

  • Chocobo: Herd of Chocobo for the cost of two crystals to deal damage to all monsters in the area. The damage caused is low.
  • Unicorn: Summon the spirit beast Unicorn for the cost of five crystals to double your party's attack power and speed for the duration of one wave.

Power CrystalsEdit

  • Red Crystal: Increases attack power of nearby units.
  • Blue Crystal: Increases attack range of nearby units.
  • Yellow Crystal: Increases attack speed of nearby units.

Enemy WavesEdit

The enemy waves are the same for all four maps.

Wave Enemy Abilities
1 20 AntlionsNone
2 20 BaknamiesNone
3 20 Red MarsmallowsResists Physical Attacks
4 20 ZombiesGradually Recovers HP
5 20 WolvesQuick-Moving
6 20 BombsAirborne
7 20 RocktitansResists Physical Attacks
8 20 GhoulsGradually Recovers HP
9 20 Fire DrakesNone
10 4 NagarajasResists Physical Attacks, Steals Multiple Crystals
11 20 LuchorpansNone
12 20 GhostsAirborne, Gradually Recovers HP
13 2 Shigs and 16 Pit BeastsNone (all)
14 20 LamiaeQuick-Moving, Resists Magick
15 8 Malboros and 2 ChocobosSteals Multiple Crystals (Malboro)
Quick Moving, Heals Neabry Monsters (Chocobo)
16 20 DeathscythesAirborne, Resists Magick, Gradually Recovers HP
17 20 Ice FlansResists Physical Attacks
18 20 HellhoundsQuick-Moving
19 20 Thunder Drakes and 2 Hoppy BunniesNone (Thunder Drake)
Quick Moving, Quickenss Neabry Monsters (Hoppy Bunny)
20 20 ZahaksImmune To Physical Attacks, Steals Multiple Crystals
21 20 ShigsNone
22 20 LilithsQuick-Moving, Resists Magick
23 2 Cassies and 8 Great MalborosSteals Multiple Crystals (All)
24 20 WraithsAirborne, Resists Magick, Gradually Recovers HP
25 20 ReaversResists Magick
26 30 Blade BitersImmune to Physical Attacks
27 30 LamashtusQuick-Moving, Immune to Magick
28 30 OversoulsAirborne, Resists Magick, Gradually Recovers HP
29 10 CassiesSteals Multiple Crystals
30 Kirin, Ramuh, Carbuncle and PhoenixSteals Multiple Crystals (All)
Quick-Moving, Resists Magick (Kirin)
Resists Magick (Ramuh)
Immune to Magick (Carbuncle)
Airborne (Phoenix)

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