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The introduction of power crystals allows for exciting new strategies.

Crystal Defenders W2


Kthili SandsEdit

Kthili Sands (Adv)Edit

Melby PointEdit

Melby Point (Adv)Edit

Available JobsEdit

W2 offers the basic Jobs but now introduces a powerful but difficult to use unit:

  • Soldier
  • Moogle Black Mage
  • Archer
  • Berserker
  • Time Mage
  • Thief
  • Dragoon

The following Espers can also be summoned from the unit menu:

  • Ifrit: Summon the gigas Ifrit for the cost of five crystals to deal damage to all monsters in an area.
  • Carbuncle: Summon the sprite Carbuncle for the cost of five crystals to nullify resistances of all monsters in an area.

Power CrystalsEdit

  • Red Crystal: Increases attack power of nearby units.
  • Blue Crystal: Increases attack range of nearby units.
  • Yellow Crystal: Increases attack speed of nearby units.

Returning enemiesEdit

New enemiesEdit

Enemy WavesEdit

The enemy waves are the same for all four maps.

Wave Enemy Abilities
1 20 AntlionsNone
2 20 CockatricesNone
3 20 Deadly NightshadesNone
4 20 Great TortoisesResists Physical Attacks
5 20 DreamharesQuick-Moving
6 20 TonberriesNone
7 20 Floating EyesAirborne
8 20 Pit BeastsNone
9 20 RocktitansResists Physical Attacks
10 4 NidhoggsSteals Multiple Crystals
11 20 Hoppy BunniesQuick-Moving
12 20 SpritesAirborne, Resists Magick
13 20 AxebeaksNone
14 10 MalborosSteals Multiple Crystals
15 20 LamiaeQuick-Moving, Resists Magick
16 20 Bloody OrbsAirborne
17 10 Great MalborosSteals Multiple Crystals
18 20 ToughskinsResists Physical Attacks
19 20 Mirage BunniesQuick-Moving
20 4 GilmuntosSteals Multiple Crystals
21 20 NehlsNone
22 20 LilithsQuick-Moving, Resists Magick
23 10 Malboro KingsSteals Multiple Crystals
24 20 BansheesAirborne, Resists Magick
25 30 CluckatricesNone
26 30 Blade BitersImmune to Physical Attacks
27 30 Tonberry KingsImmune to Magick
28 30 LamashtusQuick-Moving, Immune to Magick
29 10 CassiesSteals Multiple Crystals
30 Shiva, Kirin and MaduinSteals Multiple Crystals (all)
Immune to Magick (Shiva)
Quick-Moving, Resists Magick (Kirin)
Resists Physical Attacks (Maduin)
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