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Crystal Defenders W1

Learn game basics via these relatively simple maps.


Bisga GreenlandsEdit

Bisga Greenlands (Adv)Edit

Orchise SnowfliedsEdit

Orchise Snowflieds (Adv)Edit

Available JobsEdit

W1 offers the basic Jobs but now introduces a powerful but difficult to use unit:

  • Soldier: Through Combat is limited, Soldiers have exceptionally high attack power, Their attack cannot reach aerial targets
  • Moogle Black Mage: A Black Mage is spells can infict magickal damage to multiple targets over a wide area. However. recast time is long
  • Archer
  • White Monk
  • Time Mage
  • Thief

The following Espers can also be summoned from the unit menu:

  • Phoenix: Summon the spirit beast Phoenix for the cost of five crystals to double the party's attack power and range for the duration of one wave.
  • Ramuh: Summon the gigas Ramuh for the cost of five crystals to deal damage to all monsters and lower their speed for the duration of one wave.

Enemy WavesEdit

The enemy waves are the same for all four maps.

Wave Enemy Abilities
1 20 CockatricesNone
2 20 BaknamiesNone
3 20 AntlionsNone
4 20 Red MarsmallowsResists Physical Attacks
5 20 WolvesQuick-Moving
6 20 AlraunesNone
7 20 Fire DrakesNone
8 20 TonberriesResists Magick
9 20 BombsAirborne
10 4 NagarajasSteals Multiple Crystals
11 20 LamiaeQuick-Moving, Resists Magick
12 20 Yellow JelliesResists Physical Attacks
13 20 Ice DrakesNone
14 20 AxebeaksNone
15 20 AhrimansAirborne, Resists Magick
16 20 LuchorpansNone
17 20 BehemothsResists Magick
18 20 Ice FlansResists Physical Attacks
19 20 MalborosNone
20 4 VrtrasSteals Multiple Crystals
21 20 HellhoundsQuick Moving
22 20 ReaversResists Magick
23 20 CluckatricesNone
24 20 PlaguesAirborne, Resists Magick
25 30 Thunder DrakesNone
26 30 White PuddingsImmune to Physical Attacks
27 30 LilithsQuick Moving, Resists to Magick
28 30 Tonberry KingsImmune to Magick
29 30 Great MalborosNone
30 Ifrit, Carbuncle and UnicornSteals Multiple Crystals (all)
Immune to Magick (Carbuncle)
Quick-Moving (Unicorn)
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