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The Crystal Armor are crystal-powered mechanical enemies in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

Combat Edit

The Crystal Armors is a heavily armed mechanical foe. Their standard payload consists of a Rocket Launcher, mounted machine guns and either an auto-repair unit or a shield generator unit. They have a large amount of defense, but their weapons can be stripped off. Every Crystal Armor comes with an emergency lever on their backs. Pulling it once will cause 'most' of their weapons and armor to be removed making them more of an easy foe. Pulling the lever again will cause the Armor to rocket forward, damaging enemies it crashes into and if it hits a wall, damaging itself.

If Layle plays with the emergency lever long enough it may eventually cause the pilot of the armor to eject, instantly destroying the Crystal Armor. Layle can also use some of the crystal armor's weapons once they are dropped, including the Rocket Launcher and the shield generator by picking them up with his Bearer powers.

The Crystal Armors will always come with Crystal Weapon drones as back up, these will try to stop you from stealing the Crystal Armor's weapons but if stunned with a Kinetic attack they can also be used against the Crystal Armor.

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