The Crystal is a boss from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. It is Alhanalem imprisoned by Cu Chaspel inside a Red Crystal.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

The Crystal attacks with magic and can make use of the Ring Lock technique. It can also use the Yuke Magic Thread, throwing a Fire Magicite on the floor to use with the Magic Thread to create a trail of fire that follows the player from the Magicite and can cause very serious damage, so it is advised to either moving out of the way quickly or taking the Magicite.

It can cast Slow and Gravity in Multiplay, and in both modes, despite being unable to do so, standing on top of the boss will prompt it to try to cast Meteor on the player.

Strategy Edit

Stock up on Blizzard and Thunder before the battle. Once the battle starts, keep spamming with physical attacks and cast Blizzard or Thunder every once in a while. Avoid the Fire attack and grab the Magicite. Repeat, while healing occasionally and the battle should be a snap.

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