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FFVI iOS Cleansing

Crusader is summoned into battle.

This holy war between demon, devil, and goddess damages friend and foe alike.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation esper section

Crusader (ジハード, Jihādo?, lit. Jihad) is an esper in Final Fantasy VI obtained by defeating the eight legendary dragons and breaking their seal.


Its attack, Cleansing (Purifier in the original translation), deals non-elemental magic damage to both the enemy party and the ally party. Its Spell Power is 190 (the highest out of any spell or ability in the game, save for Kefka's Forsaken and Gilgamesh's Enkidu in the Game Boy Advance and succeeding versions). It is unblockable and ignores Split Damage. It costs 96 MP to summon. It teaches the following spells:

It is not recommended to summon Crusader, unless if the player is under the Reraise effect, since its attack may kill the party.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street PortableEdit

Crusader is a chance card in Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Portable, the card's ability: Upgrade your target house value by 50%.



The terms "Crusader" and "Jihad" are both associated with the historic "holy wars" fought between the Christian Europeans and Islamic Middle-Easterners for control of the holy land, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. "Crusader" (meaning "under the cross" because they were wearing a cross on their outfit) was a term used to describe the soldiers of the Crusades, the European term for the holy wars.

Crusader is called "Jihad" in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VI and renamed due to censorship. "Jihad" refers to a method used by practitioners of Islam to wage religious warfare on non-Muslims; the Crusades were once viewed as holy wars, so the meaning is not significantly changed. Jihad's literal meaning in Arabic is 'struggle', and it is also a term to describe the inner conflict a Muslim undergoes to make him/herself a better person.


  • The Crusader esper might be the Warring Triad. In the PlayStation version bonus feature of the esper section has the following description about Crusader: "This holy war between demon, devil, and goddess damages friend and foe alike". The three entities share the same titles as the ones from the Warring Triad: Demon, Fiend (devil), and Goddess. The Japanese summon name of Crusader is Jihad, a type of holy war. The "damages friend and foe alike" can refer to the Warring Triad battling each other and mortals getting caught among their fighting during the War of the Magi, and for this reason it damages both parties. In Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō Demon, Fiend, and Goddess's summon attacks are (天地崩壊・鬼神, Tenchi Hōkai: Kishin?, lit. Collapse of Heaven and Earth: Fierce God), (天地崩壊・魔神, Tenchi Hōkai: Majin?, lit. Collapse of Heaven and Earth: Demon God), and (天地崩壊・女神, Tenchi Hōkai: Megami?, lit. Collapse of Heaven and Earth: Goddess) respectively, which is the same as Crusader's special attack. Similar to Crusader; Demon, Fiend, and Goddess will attack all enemies and allies. In addition, the Goddess's artwork on her summon stone is posed similar to the goddess figure of the Crusader esper.

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