The Crusader is an undead/skeleton-type enemy from Final Fantasy XII found in the Nabreus Deadlands and the Pharos.

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Being an undead warrior of some former renown, wearing armor of polished mythril. In life, these fell soldiers belonged to an invading army that massacred many people. It was the hatred of the slain that cursed the warriors, condemning them to an eternal unlife of aimless wandering. Scourged with remorse for their crimes and hatred of those who led the invasion, they ceaselessly roam the world, hoping one day to claim revenge.

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Note that even though Crusader is a common enemy in Pharos at Ridorana, they are comparatively the hardest common enemies there due to their persistence in chasing down and outnumbering the party. Unlike the rest, it along with the Dragon Lich (and also the Necrofiend) are the only enemies immune to Instant Death. Although, Dragon Lich is still comparatively easier to fight because they only appear in singular and doesn't chase down the party. Even using Curaja with the Serenity Augment activated won't deal above 7,000 damage onto them even if the caster is level 60+ as oppose to them being level 48 average.

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The terms "Crusader" and "Jihad" are both associated with the historic "holy wars" fought between the Christian Europeans and Islamic Middle-Easterners for control of the holy land, the birthplace of Jesus Christ. "Crusader" (meaning "under the cross" because they were wearing a cross on their outfit) was a term used to describe the soldiers of the Crusades, the European term for the holy wars.

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