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The Crumbling House is a location in Final Fantasy VI. It is a house in the town of Tzen.


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FFVI PC Celes saves a kid

Celes rescues the kid.

In the World of Ruin, Celes comes to Tzen from Albrook, following rumors of a man searching for his friends. As she arrives at the town, Kefka attacks Tzen with the Light of Judgment. The mansion on the north end of town begins to collapse, and Celes finds Sabin holding up the structure. Celes races inside the building to find a child trapped in the basement, and the two narrowly escape the home before it crumbles. Sabin joins Celes, the discovery of his survival filling her with hope that the other members of the group are still alive.

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Musical themesEdit

"The Unforgiven" (許されざる者, Yurusarezaru Mono?) plays throughout the collapsing house event in Tzen.


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