CAW kids, it's Kenny Crow! Come on down to the Crow's Nest for a mouthful of happiness! Fly down to the original Nest in Old Lestallum for a real treat! Nothin' tastes better than what we make together at the Crow's Nest!
—Radio ad

Crow's Nest is a fast food restaurant chain in Final Fantasy XV that has diners around Lucis. Its mascots are Kenny and Kelly Crow. The diners are found in various outposts, and most have the same menu, although the original restaurant at Old Lestallum has a special dish only served there. Adverts for the chain often play on the radio. The player can play Justice Monsters Five at the diners.


Restaurant Location Menu Hunts
Crow's Nest Diner Longwythe Rest Area
  • Jetty's (50 gil)
  • Kenny's Fries (150 gil)
  • Kenny's Salmon (1,400 gil)
Crow's Nest Diner Coernix Station - Alstor
  • Jetty's (50 gil)
  • Kenny's Fries (150 gil)
  • Kenny's Salmon (1,400 gil)
Crow's Nest Diner Cauthess Rest Area
  • Jetty's (50 gil)
  • Kenny's Fries (150 gil)
  • Kenny's Salmon (1,400 gil)
Crow's Nest Diner Taelpar Rest Area
  • Jetty's (50 gil)
  • Kenny's Fries (150 gil)
  • Kenny's Salmon (1,400 gil)
The Original Crow's Nest Diner Old Lestallum
  • Jetty's (50 gil)
  • Kenny's Fries (150 gil)
  • Kenny's Salmon (1,400 gil)
  • Kenny’s ‘Special’ Salmon (7,200 gil)

Kenny and Kelly CrowEdit

Kenny Crow is the Crow's Nest Diner's mascot, a black crow wearing a green shirt and a cap. Crow's Nest Diners often have a bench outside with a mannequin of Kenny sitting with his arm outstretched for patrons to take a photo with him. The player can also take a photo with Kenny this way.

Kenny Crow's Assault on Noctis00:44

Kenny Crow's Assault on Noctis

Kenny Crow at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival

In the Moogle Chocobo Carnival the player can do a food-serving minigame at Maagho Restaurant, and Kenny can show up as the fourth guest to be served. If the player sits on a bench next to Kenny Crow at the carnival thinking it is a mannequin, Kenny will animate and spook Noctis. There is also a Kenny mascot at the carnival who will make Noctis drink a bottle of soda if approached.

Kenny was originally called Johnny, named after John Crow from Final Fantasy XIV, but in the end the translators went with Kenny to alliterate and to honor Kenneth Pinyopusarerk, the senior localization translator on the team.[1]

The player can buy a Fan Service decal from Altissia to decorate Regalia in the likeness of Kelly Crow, a sexy anime-style girl.

Episode KennyEdit

As an April Fools joke in 2017 the official @FFXVJP Twitter announced "Episode Kenny" DLC where the player would assume role of Kenny Crow whose Armiger would be crystalline fish.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode PromptoEdit


Prompto and Kenny Crow.

I'm a Kenny's Kid! is a missable Archive Highlight found in the first magitek base. There is a Kenny Crow statue in the room with the snowmobile, next to some big robots in the hangar bay. In a repeat playthrough of the episode, the player can photograph it when the timer is active and Aranea first appears.




An official Kenny Crow plushie produced by Taito Co. will be available from Japanese arcades in February 2018. They are also available online.



The crow's nest was a structure built atop sailing ships so that a lookout could observe and report on any hazards, land, or other ships within viewing distance.


  • When the party stops at an outpost with a Crow's Nest Diner, Prompto Argentum might ask to stop by to eat, to which Ignis Scientia remarks that Prompto will gain weight. In Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV it is revealed Prompto used to be overweight as a child.
  • There are drawings of Kenny Crow and the Crow's Nest owner at the diner in Old Lestallum drawn by the artist in Altissia.

A hunt poster.

  • The hunt posters around the world say: Kenny and Kelly Crow say: "Only YOU can keep our nests safe! Talk to a local tipster and join the hunt today!" This refers to Smokey Bear, an American advertising mascot created to educate the public about the dangers of forest fires. His later slogan "Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires" was created in 1947.
  • Final Fantasy XV: Comrades has a sign from Kenny Crow saying "we'll be back when the sun decides to rise and shine".