Casts Protect when HP is low.
—Description, Final Fantasy X.

Critical: Protect, also known as SOS Protect, is a recurring support ability in the series. It automatically grants the Protect status while the user is in Critical HP status.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

VI SOS Protect is the ability of the Mythril Glove, and will last even after the user has left Critical status.

Final Fantasy XEdit

X SOS Protect is an ability that can be either found on armor dropped by enemies, or by customizing onto any armor by using 8x Light Curtain, which adds 4,000 gil to the armor's sell value.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

X-2 SOS Protect is an ability usable only through learning it on the Warrior Dressphere for 20 AP after learning Sentinel, or by using the Helios Guard Garment Grid. The ability and status will last as long as the user's HP is below 33% Max HP.

Final Fantasy XIIIEdit

XIII Critical: Protect is a passive accessory ability that automatically casts the Protect status onto a party member whose HP drops below 25%. The status remains on the user as long as they remain below 25% HP. Critical: Protect is only found on the Guardian Amulet accessory.