FF12 - Moogle Model
There are still 5 of us in the wood.
—Random moogle apprentice upon talking to him after conversation with moogle boss.

Craftsmoogles' League (クラフトモーグリリーグ, Kurafutomōguri rīgu?) is one of the moogle organizations in Final Fantasy XII. Like their name suggests, they are experts at machinery.


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Moogle Boss asks the party to find his missing apprentices at Salikawood to help him fix the gate to the Phon Coast. They are in the bungalows in the Salikawood. The areas where the Moogles are found are: Trunkwall Road, Path of Hours, and Garden of Decay.

Their next mission was to fix the windmills on Cerobi Steppe, they managed to fix all windmills except number ten. After this mission, they managed to fix all shrines in Mosphoran Highwaste. One of the moogles mentioned that their another mission is repair the Necrohol of Nabudis.

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