Cover (かばう, Kabau?) is a recurring status in the series. It is commonly associated with the Cover command or abilities similar to it, such as Sentinel, Cover Counter, and Protect Girls. It allows the user to protect an ally that has been attacked, usually by a physical attack, and take the damage for themselves. The status is generally not named in-game.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

IV Cover is a temporary status that is removed when the Cease Cover command is chosen. This status can be granted when the Cover command is executed, and this status is set on the targeted character. The character with the Cover command will takes all physical damage from "covered" target. If the target is a monster or the character with the Cover command, this status does nothing.

The player won't see a status description while the status is granted on the character when they are selecting a Cure or Esuna spell or healing items.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

VI This status is not named in-game, Overture is an ability used by Goddess, Glutturn (Yellow), Vilia, and Coco.

The affected will cover for the caster, much like they would for a Critical character when wearing the Knight's Code relic. This can be broken by taking out either the original caster or the affected character with KO, Zombie, Petrify, or making that character run away. It is also broken if Overture is used by the original caster again on another target and successfully inflicts the status on the new target.

The Knight's Code relic grants the status, and the wearer intercept physical attacks against allies in Critical status. If multiple characters are equipped with Knight's Code, multiple characters will cover the ally and a random covering character will take the damage.

Enemies can start out with the Cover status, but the developers never made use of it. If some of the enemies in the game would have had this status, Gau would have inherited this status when using the specific Rage.

Final Fantasy XIEdit


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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Cover is granted via some characters' Legend Materia. When a party member is targeted by most physical attacks, there is a chance that the hero with the Cover ability will block the attack, taking reduced damage from the attack.

Cover Legend Materia obtained from completing a hero's Legend Sphere grants a 40% chance to cover with 50% damage reduction, while Cover granted from relic Legend Materia gives a 30% chance to cover with 20% damage reduction.

Haurchefant's Live to Serve boosts his defense, resistance and Mind, grant him HP Stock(6000) and allows him to cover allies in the back row if he is in the front row with 50% damage reduction.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit

FFBE Cover is a passive that has a 5% chance to take damage for an ally. It is learned by Rain, Cecil, Charlotte and Ollie. It can also be obtained as Clyne's Trust Reward. It can also be equipped via Golem's skill grid after upgrading him to 2★ rarity.

Charlotte's Royal Armlet has a 50% chance of triggering and lowers both physical and magical damage by 50%; if awakened it reduces magical damage by 100%.

Saintly Wall can be learned by Cecil and has a 75% chance to trigger; awakening improves both chance and mitigation while also further improving Cecil's light resistance and allows him to passively recover MP.

Mercenary Ramza has Noble Lineage which is similar to Saintly Wall's base ability.

Zidane, Setzer, Jake, and Desch learn Chivalry, which has a 5% chance to cover a female ally. Cupid Artemios' Rose Custodian has a 50% chance of covering a female ally. When awakened it gains 50% damage mitigation and at +2 it also increases his HP.

Agrias's Royal Guard has a 30% chance to cover a female ally with 50% damage reduction. Guromu's Manly Disposition, has a 5% chance to cover a female ally but will also buff his Attack if it triggers. Desch's Casanova materia grants him a 75% chance to cover a female ally while reducing the damage taken by 35%. Pirate Jake has Hahaha Let's Dance! which has a 20% chance to cover a female ally while Avast Matey! covers all allies for 30 MP. Cowboy Jake has Biased Chivalry which has a 10% chance to cover a female ally with 50% mitigation.

Demon Rain has Demonic Cover which has a 15% chance of triggering and Cerberus Guard which has a 40% chance and provides 25% mitigation.

Veritas of the Earth has Guardian. For 15 MP it grants him a 60% chance of covering an ally during the next 3 turns (in the JP version it was 20% and 1 turn duration).

Mystea and Shylt have Magic Barrier, which has a 30% chance of covering magic attacks with 50% mitigation; they also have Tritelia Wall which costs 20 MP and has a 50% chance to cover all allies from magic with 50% mitigation.

Warrior of Light has Light is with us! which for 25 MP grants a 50% chance to cover all allies and lowering damage by 50% whether magical or physical. Charlotte gains a similar ability in Grandshelt Shield which can be awakened to have 60% activation and 60% mitigation. Rasler's Royal Obligation costs 15 MP, but has only a 20% activation and 30% reduction. Libertus' Absolute Guard costs 12 MP, has 50% activation and provides 20% physical reduction and 50% magic reduction.

Illusionist Nichol has Illusion-Redirect which has a chance to cover all allies with 30% mitigation for 18 MP.

Sportive Ariana's Dangerous Facade has a 30% activation rate and 50% mitigation.

Gladiolus's Intercept grants a 50% chance to cover all allies with 50% mitigation for 25 MP. His Royal Guard covers a single ally 100% with 50% mitigation and also buffs his Defense and Spirit 100% while active.

Barusa's Protector of Olthea has a 50% chance to cover all allies with 50% mitigation for 3 turns. when awakened to+2 both mitigation and cover chance improve to 70%.

Chow's Natural Protector has a 30% chance to cover against magic with 50% mitigation. Spiritual Defender allows him to cover all allies for 3 turns with 50-70% mitigation.

Ray Jack's Order of the Blue Wing has a 50% chance of triggering on a physical attack and lowers damage by 50%. When awakened, the cover chance becomes lower and the mitigation increases, at +2 it is 5% and 80%.

Basch's Dawn Guard has a 75% chance to trigger on physical attacks with high mitigation. Twilight Guard does the same for magical attacks.

Ozetta's Defensive Lead covers one ally for two turns.

Golem (DQ)'s Forbearance has a 20% chance to cover all allies from physical attacks with 30% mitigation for 15 MP; it can be awakened to have a 50% chance, 50% mitigation and last for two turns.