Cover (かばう, Kabau?) is a recurring status in the series. It is commonly associated with the Cover command or abilities similar to it, such as Sentinel, Cover Counter, and Protect Girls. It allows the user to protect an ally that has been attacked, usually by a physical attack, and take the damage for themselves. The status is generally not named in-game.


Final Fantasy IVEdit

IV Cover is a temporary status that is removed when the Cease Cover command is chosen. This status can be granted when the Cover command is executed, and this status is set on the targeted character. The character with the Cover command will takes all physical damage from "covered" target. If the target is a monster or the character with the Cover command, this status does nothing.

The player won't see a status description while the status is granted on the character when they are selecting a Cure or Esuna spell or healing items.

Final Fantasy VIEdit

VI This status is not named in-game, Overture is an ability used by Goddess, Glutturn (Yellow), Vilia, and Coco.

The affected will cover for the caster, much like they would for a Critical character when wearing the Knight's Code relic. This can be broken by taking out either the original caster or the affected character with KO, Zombie, Petrify, or making that character run away. It is also broken if Overture is used by the original caster again on another target and successfully inflicts the status on the new target.

The Knight's Code relic grants the status, and the wearer intercept physical attacks against allies in Critical status. If multiple characters are equipped with Knight's Code, multiple characters will cover the ally and a random covering character will take the damage.

Enemies can start out with the Cover status, but the developers never made use of it. If some of the enemies in the game would have had this status, Gau would have inherited this status when using the specific Rage.

Final Fantasy XIEdit


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