Assassin command. Corner foe in a tight spot.

Corner (仕手, Shite?) is an action ability usable by the Assassin in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


Ability Equipment Effect AP MP Power Range
Shadowbind Fey Bow Stops target by pinning shadow to the ground. 200 12 1
Last Breath Petalchaser Deals a swift shock, knocking out target.
Element: Dark.
300 32 1
Aphonia Murasame Attacked aimed at throat to silence target. 200 12 1
Nightmare Kikuichimonji Puts targets to sleep, and sometimes dooms them. 300 18 1
Ague Ranger Bow Causes feverish chills to slow target. 200 12 1
Rockseal Kotetsu Seals target in stone. Causes petrification. 300 32 1
Oblivion Masamune Attack to the head. Addles target. 300 24 1
Ultima Masher Zanmato Assassin attack born from ultima magic. 999 60 As Weapon As Weapon


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