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The Corel Area is a region of the world map in Final Fantasy VII. It is located on the eastern continent, and links with the western continent via a shipping route between Costa del Sol and Junon on the western continent.

The Corel Area exists in two parts linked together via a mountain pass. The western section contains an entrance to Mt. Corel, and a passage through the mountain leads to North Corel in the Gold Saucer Area. A river to the north of the Corel Area separates it from the North Corel Area (an area north of the Corel Area that does not contain North Corel). The section with Costa del Sol in the east is separated by a river with the Gold Saucer Area to its south, which has a section shallow enough for the Buggy to travel over.

Entering Costa del Sol with the buggy allows one to cross to Junon Area, smuggled on the Cargo Ship for a price.

Inside of Mt. Corel is the Corel Reactor which has a railway linking it to North Corel.


Grass (88%)
[64/64]#084: Grangalan (Grangalan Jr. (Grangalan Jr. Jr. x3))
Mountain pass (88%)
[22/64]#086: Grangalan (Grangalan Jr. (Grangalan Jr. Jr. x3))
[21/64]#088: Needle Kiss x2
[21/64]#089: Cokatolis, Needle Kiss x2

[8/64]#090: Needle Kiss x2 (Back Attack)
[16/64]#091: Needle Kiss x2 (Side Attack!)
Beach (75%)
[16/64]#085: Grangalan (Grangalan Jr. (Grangalan Jr. Jr. x3))
[16/64]#092: Beachplug x3
[16/64]#093: Beachplug x4
[16/64]#094: Beachplug x3