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The Corbett is a water-borne enemy in Final Fantasy V. It can be found in the seas around Istory in Bartz's World and southeast of the Phoenix Tower in the Merged World.


While they're not as dangerous as a Dhorme Chimera, Ghidra, or Skull Eater, Corbetts are still among the tougher random encounters in Bartz's World. It uses Breath Wing, a Wind-elemental attack which hits the entire party, dealing damage equal to 1/4 of the target's maximum HP, and Fin, an attack that causes Poison. They are weak against Lightning, and also vulnerable to Slow.

Catching it and releasing it will cause Tail Screw to all enemies.


Corbetts are vulnerable to Thundara, the Ramuh summon (learned near Istory), Coral Swords (bought in Jachol) or throwing Thunder Scrolls (dropped by Thunder Anemones and sold in Lix).

In the Merged World, they can quickly and easily be taken out with regular attacks, but should still be a priority target due to the threat of Breath Wing.


A corvette is a small, maneuverable, lightly armed warship, originally smaller than a frigate (2,000+ tons) and larger than a coastal patrol craft or fast attack craft (500 tons or less), although many recent designs are approaching the size of smaller frigates (3,000 tons). During the Age of Sail, corvettes were smaller than frigates and larger than sloops-of-war, usually with a single gun deck.

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