A valiant protector who stood beside Regis during the king's journey thirty years prior, and continued to serve his liege marshaling the Lucian Crownsguard. Cor the Immortal's heroic feats in battle make him the stuff of legend, and for Noct and his closest friends an invaluable ally in the field.
—Official description[3]

Cor Leonis is a guest character in Final Fantasy XV, who also appears in Episode Gladiolus DLC and in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades.

Cor is one of the best fighters in the Kingdom of Lucis. He is the Marshal of the Crownsguard, the Lucian royal guard that protects the Citadel and Insomnia, and thus in turn the royal family. Before the events in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Cor and the Crownsguard are reassigned to protect all crown citizens.

Throughout his life, Cor survived countless battles, earning him the moniker "Cor, The Immortal". He dedicates his life to serving Lucis.



Cor is a middle-aged man with short, brown hair. He has light blue eyes and wears a black, collared jacket with skull-shaped buttons. Cor wears a black, skull-print shirt, black trousers, and black boots with red soles.

Ten years later, the 55-year-old Cor wears the Kingsglaive attire and has a beard.


Now is not the time to question your calling. A king is sworn to protect his people.
—Cor Leonis

Cor is a stubborn, stern, no-nonsense military man who has sworn loyalty to King Regis and his country. He is strict with Prince Noctis and his friends, and while he does not always see eye-to-eye with them, he is duty-bound to watch over them. He is calm when dealing with Noctis's wayward personality, offering him advice. When he was young, Cor was reckless and overconfident in his fighting skills.

He knows he isn't going to be with Noctis for long due to the orders from Regis as to the Crownsguard's new purpose, and warns him not to get too comfortable with the idea of having him around. Cor is implied to detest his moniker as the Immortal, seeing it as a reminder that he has outlived the bloodline he swore to protect. He remains duty-bound to protect Noctis; if the player takes too long to battle the MA-X boss, he will instruct Ignis to take Noctis and flee.


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Early lifeEdit

Cor grew up in an ordinary, humble home in the Crown City and has accumulated abundant combat experience going back to his youth.[4] He joined the Crownsguard at age 13, and became King Mors's bodyguard at age 15, the youngest ever for the position. Cor is hinted to be a prodigy, as he accompanied Regis on his trip of defending the Lucian front lines at the age of 15. Cor has served a similar role to Regis that Ignis serves to Noctis, as he often drove Regis around.

Regis and the others in battle

Artwork of Cor fighting Niflheim's magitek infantry alongside King Regis and Cid Sophiar.

Regis had fought alongside Cid Sophiar, Clarus Amicitia, Cor Leonis and Weskham Armaugh on their trip to Accordo. Due to the defeat of the Lucian-Accordian allied forces, the Niflheim army had invaded the three regions of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne, where they began establishing bases followed by a period of peace. Lucis challenged the empire but were pushed back. Regis, as the Lucian prince, had traveled to Accordo with a select few to seek the restoration of an allied force, but was forced to withdraw to the Crown City due to the Lucian army's defeat. The range of the magical Wall that the king upholds was pulled back to Insomnia's ramparts to maintain the strength to resist the empire's invasion efforts.[4]

A 15-year-old Cor challenged Gilgamesh in the ruins that were discovered in Lucian territory. Though many took on Gilgamesh's trial, Cor was the only survivor, earning him the moniker "the Immortal". The experience to losing to Gilgamesh despite having managed to chop off his arm humbled Cor, and he became a more careful soldier as he continued serve the Crownsguard. Gilgamesh kept Cor's katana, the Genji Blade, as a trophy of their meeting.

One of Noctis's early memories is of Cor driving Regis to the Citadel where Regis greeted him with a smile on his face.

Final Fantasy XV Prologue Parting WaysEdit

At the Crownsguard's training hall, Clarus Amicitia tells Gladiolus, his son, about the security measures in place during the signing ceremony of the treaty between Lucis and Niflheim. Cor is assigned on external patrol that day, but only the bare minimum of the Crownsguard will be on duty, as the Citadel will be left to the Kingsglaive. The peace has brought along many changes, including the role of the Crownsguard, whose new place will be with the people rather than the king.

Cor arrives with Prompto Argentum who has come for his Crownsguard uniform. Gladiolus and Prompto leave, and the atmosphere becomes solemn. Cor is unhappy the Crownsguard has been excluded from everything related to the signing, and Clarus reminds him that the new orders are for the Crownsguard to protect the people of Lucis, and says Kingsglaive are is the only ones who can fight the empire as they can use magic.

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Cor drives Noctis and his royal retainers to the Regalia so they can head out of Insomnia to Galdin Quay.

After Insomnia's fall, Cor calls Noctis from the Insomnia checkpoint telling him and his group to meet at Hammerhead. Cor confirms the news that the king has perished to a shocked Noctis. Cor heads to the royal tomb in the local Leide area. Noctis finds Cor there, who explains Noctis's next mission is to collect the weapons of the past Lucian kings to gain the power to reclaim his throne. Noctis finds it difficult to concentrate on this new objective in the light of the recent events, but Cor explains the reasons Regis had sent Noctis away from the city and directs him to the next tomb.


Cor at the imperial base.

After Noctis collects his second royal arm, Cor calls him and tells him of their plan to demolish a base the empire is building to block passage to Duscae. Noctis meets with Cor outside the base, and while Noctis's friends go off to create a diversion, Noctis and Cor infiltrate the base together and take out its magitek forces. After the road to Duscae is open, Cor is satisfied that Noctis is strong enough to continue on his mission without his help, and departs.

Cor continues to follow the orders from the late king of helping the people of Lucis, and co-operates with the local hunters and enlists their help finding the lost tombs. At some point, he had to put his tomb-hunting on hold to help the hunters with troublesome monsters.


Cor meets Gladiolus at Crow's Nest Diner.

As depicted in "Final Fantasy XV: Episode Gladiolus", Gladiolus calls Cor to partake in Gilgamesh's trial. Cor accompanies Gladiolus to the ruins, and supports him, although he doesn't take part in the trials themselves. Cor tells Gladiolus about himself and how he braved the ruins thirty years ago when he was much younger and more reckless than Gladiolus. When he had been forced to flee the trial, Cor had realized that he was about to throw his life away in return of nothing. Gladiolus defeats Gilgamesh and receives Cor's sword from him as reward, Gilgamesh assuring him that Cor would no longer care who had it. As they leave the ruins, Gladiolus indirectly passes on the praise Gilgamesh had given Cor.

At Cape Caem, Cor asks Noctis's forgiveness for not having been able to prevent the attack on King Regis, but Noctis knows it was something no one could have helped. Cor is among the people to bid Noctis's party farewell as they depart for Altissia, and later watches the broadcast of Lady Lunafreya's speech on television. Noctis later seeks out a royal tomb in imperial territory due to having learned of it from Cor.

When daylight disappears from the world in Noctis's absence, Cor bands the former Crownsguard with the Hunters, remnants of the Kingsglaive and rebel soldiers, to stand as mankind's last defense against the daemons that are taking over Eos. While he had initially set out resources to locate Noctis, he later reassigned the search parties to defending outposts after Gentiana confirmed that the king will return. This was an unpopular decision among some. Cor dedicates his time to training his fighters rather than fighting on the front lines himself, though he does help the Kingsglaive fight a mutant Iron Giant outside Lestallum.

During Noctis's ten-year slumber in the Crystal, Iris Amicitia convinces Cor to take out the daemons themselves. At some point after the Starscourge overran Eos, Niflheim's "recovery assistance" in Insomnia was felled by daemons who took over the city. Iris and Cor were able to evacuate the citizens.


Cor in Insomnia.

When Noctis returns ready to fulfill the prophecy, he hears how Cor is doing from his friends. Noctis meets the 55-year-old Cor at the ruins of Insomnia, where Cor shields Noctis from a Cerberus's attack, and tells him they might meet again when the dawn breaks.

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Guest party memberEdit


Cor's katana.

Cor joins as a guest party member in Chapter 2 for the first royal tomb and for the imperial base at the area. He again joins as a guest in Episode Gladiolus where he doesn't partake in boss battles. Cor is Level 52. Due to his high level, the player can take advantage of him to hunt powerful monsters, in the area of the first and second tomb.

Cor fights with katana and deals heavy damage. His primary arm is Kotetsu and his secondary arm is Kikuichimonji. His accessories are Carbon Bangle, Niella Bracelet and Protective Amulet. His attire is Crownsguard Fatigues. Cor can coordinate his attacks with Noctis when he parries attacks and attacks with him nearby. When performing a link-strike, he will lend Noctis his katana. Noctis slashes down with the katana and his own sword before returning the katana to Cor. In Episode Gladiolus he performs link-strikes with Gladiolus, and doing it five times earns the Master and Pupil achievement/trophy.

Cor's Technique, Lion's Roar, has him perform a powerful upward drawn slash that cuts a vertical wide shockwave that moves in a line. It costs 1 tech bar.

Like other guest characters, Cor's equipment cannot be changed, but the player can view his gear from the menu.


KotetsuSwords1360Weapon locked to Cor, never in the player's inventory.Buy: —
Sell: —
Default: Cor
Cor's trusty katana. Though it harbors no special enchantments, its razor-sharp edge has been the agent of many a legendary feat.
KikuichimonjiSwords780Weapon locked to Cor, never in the player's inventory.Buy: —
Sell: —
Default: Cor
Traditionally a melee weapon, this compact blade flies true, making it also deadly from a distance.


Carbon BangleMax HP +150Buy: 2000
Sell: 1000
Default: Cor (locked)
Find: Wiz Chocobo Post, Steyliff Glacial Grotto, Pitioss Ruins
Reward: A Nightmare Came by Ferry (Galdin Quay) hunt, Justice Monsters Five minigame
Shop: Taelpar Rest Area, Lestallum, Ch.07: Imperial vendor outside Steyliff Grove, Verinas Mart
A bagle forged of carbon steel. Increases maximum HP nominally
Niella Bracelet
(Niello Bracelet)
Buy: —
Sell: —
Default: Cor (locked)
Protective Amulet
(Safety Guard)
Buy: —
Sell: —
Default: Cor (locked)


Crownsguard Fatigues
(Royal Guard Unit Combat Uniform)


Cor is fought as the final trial in Episode Gladiolus. Defeating him yields a hidden trophy, Transcendence.

Creation and developmentEdit


Concept art showing Cor with the party.

Cor's clothes were designed by Hiromu Takahara, creative director of the fashion brand Roen. When the game was originally envisioned as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Cor was imagined as a tragic figure hinted in pre-release interview reveals to befall great misfortune. He was said to be 42 years old, which in Japanese superstition is considered an age where men are bound for a tumultuous and unlucky year.[5] In the final game Cor is 45 years old. The age change may be due to timeline continuity regarding Cor having accompanied Regis on his trip thirty years ago; if Cor was 42, he'd have been only 12 for the trip with Regis.

Cor was the fifth permanent party member in Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Cor was to be fully controllable like other the party members, but when Versus XIII became Final Fantasy XV during development, Cor's role was reduced and became a mentor-like figure to the party. As a character, he's relatively the same, and only his position and presentation was changed.[6]


Cor is voiced by Hiroki Tōchi in the Japanese version, who had previously voiced Noctis's chauffeur before being recast. He shares his Japanese voice actor with Yaag Rosch from Final Fantasy XIII and Zhuyu Voghfau Byot from Final Fantasy Type-0.

In the English version of Final Fantasy XV, Cor is voiced by Matthew Mercer. He shares his English voice actor with Trey from Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit


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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Edit


FFBE 720 Cor
Believe in your friends, and make the most of yourself. You are not alone.
—Max Trust Mastery

Cor appears as a character and summonable vision. His job is listed as Marshal.

Cor's Trust Master reward is the Loyal Warrior special ability.

4★ - No. 0718: "A commander of the Kingdom of Lucis spoken of in stories from the faraway land of Eos. Though Cor now serves King Regis, their history can be traced back to the journey they shared 30 years ago when Regis was still a prince. He has been part of the kingdom's forces for many years, and has been dubbed the "The Immortal" for his ability to accomplish every single mission assigned to him, regardless of the danger involved. Versed in the art of fighting and experienced with the world outside the Crown City, he now helps Noctis on his travels."
5★ - No. 0719: "A commander of the Kingdom of Lucis spoken of in stories from the faraway land of Eos. Cor is a well-built military man appropriately known by many as the "The Immortal," as his abilities more than live up to the title. Originally born into a humble household, he joined the Crown City's Crownsguard at a very young age and immediately stood out due to his innate talents in battle. This eventually led to his assignment defending the front lines, for which he was recognized with many accolades. Following Niflheim's attack on the Crown City, Cor has been traveling from region to region collecting more information on the empire's movements, and looking over Prince Noctis during his journey."
6★ - No. 0720: "A commander of the Kingdom of Lucis spoken of in stories from the faraway land of Eos. Cor has been fighting in the front lines since his youth, and his countless escapes from the clutches of death haved earned him the name of "The Immortal" amongst his comrades. When the Crown City of Insomnia suffered an attack at the hands of the Empire of Niflheim, he was sent to help the people outside of the Citadel to flee and find refuge. Unfortunately, however, this mission would lead him away from King Regis during his final moments. Cor's inability to protect his liege at the time still haunts him to this day."
—Entries for different versions of Cor.

Cor's stats at his highest levels are as follows (with no passive abilities taken into account), along with the maximum amount of stat points that can be increased through pot-enhancements:

Rarity Level HP MP ATK DEF MAG SPR Attack Hits Drop Check*Maximum LB crystals drop per hit
4★ 60 2150 (+210) 89 (+35) 85 (+18) 73 (+14) 64 (+14) 73 (+14) 3 3 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
5★ 80 2794 (+240) 116 (+40) 111 (+24) 96 (+16) 84 (+16) 95 (+16) 3 4 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
6★ 100 3582 (+390) 152 (+65) 145 (+34) 125 (+26) 110 (+26) 124 (+26) 3 4 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
Ability Level
Blindside 19
Kotetsu Flash 60
Auto-Regen*Passive 40
Ability Level
Way of the Mind's Eye 39
Iai Strike 54
Inspire 66
White Knight*Passive 18
The Immortal*Passive 80
Ability Level
Hien 36
Slaughtering Blade 100
Katana Mastery+*Passive 1
Tri-Guard*Passive 57
Sword Draw*Passive 87
Ability Obtained by
The Immortal Activated by The Immortal

Cor can equip the following weapons: daggers, swords and katanas.

He can equip the following armors: hats, helms, clothes, light armors and heavy armors.

He can equip accessories.

Limit Bursts
Rarity Name Effect Hits Cost
4★ Lion's Roar Base (Level 1): Physical damage (2.5x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy. Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (10%) for 3 turns to one enemy.
Max (Level 20): Physical damage (3.2x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy. Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (24%) for 3 turns to one enemy.
1 12 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
5★ Lion's Roar Base (Level 1): Physical damage (3x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy. Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (15%) for 3 turns to one enemy.
Max (Level 20): Physical damage (3.95x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy. Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (34%) for 3 turns to one enemy.
1 16 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
6★ Lion's Roar Base (Level 1): Physical damage (3.5x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy. Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (20%) for 3 turns to one enemy.
Max (Level 25): Physical damage (4.7x) with ignore DEF (50%) to one enemy. Decrease ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (44%) for 3 turns to one enemy.
1 20 FFBE Limit Burst crystal
Awakening Materials
5★ 6★
Crimson Tear x25
Fury Seed x13
Sacred Crystal x15
Bizarre Box 8
Holy Crystal x8
Calamity Writ x20
Fairies' Writ x10
Rainbow Bloom x10
Calamity Gem x5
Divine Crystal x5
Rarity Summoned Fused Awoken
4★ I'll go with you, for the time being. Not only to help, but to get a measure of your strength. See your opponents for what they are. Haste is the bane of strategy.
5★ Worrying will only compromise your focus. Fulfill the role which you were assigned. Numbers alone don't decide a battle. What you lack in numbers, you make up for in tactics. I cannot fall here. You're only as good as your last battle.
6★ I have plenty of battle experience. I will faithfully carry out my responsibility. When facing a strong enemy you must aim for their weak point. Victory comes to those who earn it. You can never have too many tools. Regardless the situation, you must think of multiple ways out.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Lord of Vermilion IVEdit

The Alchemist CodeEdit


Cor's bio.

Cor appears as part of a Final Fantasy XV collaboration.



Cor leonis is a phrase that means "heart of the lion" or "lion's heart" in Latin.


  • Cor shares many similarities to Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. His name refers to Lion Heart, and personality as a serious, no nonsense character ranking high among a military organization. His Technique, Lion Roar, is also used by Squall in expanded appearances, such as Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Squall has gone by the name "Leon" in the Kingdom Hearts games, leading a resistance and protecting people from the enemy behind the scenes as a guest character.
  • Cor follows a trend in Final Fantasy of a "Leo/Leon" named character, being tough and strict military men, including Leo Cristophe from Final Fantasy VI, Leon from Final Fantasy II, and the aforementioned Squall Leonhart.
  • Cor's katana has cherry blossom motifs. Cherry blossom holds much symbolism within Japan, as according to the Buddhist tradition, the brief beauty of the blossoms symbolizes the transient nature of life. Cherry blossoms are tied with samurai culture, and are symbolic of drops of blood and the dignity of falling with grace. The blossoms have come to been associated with mortality. Cor wields a katana, the Samurai's traditional weapon.

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