Control System Ω
制御システムΩ (Seigyo Shisutemu Ō?)
FF4PSP Lost Babil CPU
Level HP
? 40,000
Strength Defense
160 30
Magic Magic Defense
15 15
60,800 13,500
Elemental affinities
Fire Ice Lightning Dark
100% 100% 100% 100%
Holy Earth Water Wind
100% 100% 100% 100%
Projectiles Restorative Drain/Osmose
100% -100%Absorbs 100%Damages, supplies to the caster
Statuses and immunities
Poison Blind Silence Pig Mini
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Toad Petrify Death Gradual Petrify Berserk
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Confuse Sleep Paralyze Float Curse
Immune Immune Immune Immune Immune
Libra / Analyze Tornado
Immune Immune
Location ???
Type Heavy
Steal Nothing
Item dropped (0%) Nothing
Abilities Heal

Control System Ω is an enemy in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years exclusive to Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection. It is part of the Superboss Lost Babil, and is faced in the third part of the battle alongside Defense System Ψ and Counter System X.

The Control System will open the battle with a short countdown to Object 199, which will do heavy damage to a target. It regularly uses Heal, randomly targeting itself or an ally, and will cast Reflect on itself. With all its nodes dead the Control System's countdown will go slower, and it will counter all damage with Surge Cannon on a single target, inflicting damage equal to half the target party member's max HP and inflicting Sap. As long as the party can stay healed, destroying the Control System is not difficult.

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