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The Computer Software Rating Regulation (CSSR) is a rating system used in Taiwan for computer software, including computer/console games. Arcade game machines has a separate regulation and is not governed by the CSRR.

Ratings Edit

  • 限制級 ("Restrict"), color coded as Red - Prohibited to anyone under 18.
  • 輔導級 ("Counsel"), color coded as Yellow - Prohibited to anyone under 12. People 12 and above but under 18 of age need parent or teacher guidance to use/play.
  • 保護級 ("Protect"), color coded as Blue - Prohibited to anyone under 6. People 6 and above but under 12 need to be accompanied by parents, teacher, or other adults to use/play.
  • 普遍級 ("General"), color coded as Green - Any software user may use.

See alsoEdit

  • Australian Classification Board, the Australian media rating system.
  • ESRB, the United States and Canadian computer and video game rating system.
  • ELSPA, the former British computer and video game rating system, replaced by the PEGI ratings.
  • PEGI, the European computer and video game rating system.
  • CERO, the Japanese computer and video game rating system

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