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Command Macros are used in Final Fantasy XI to shortcut certain commands to keys on the keyboard.


Ctrl + [#1 - 9] = Use scripted Macros or shortcuts that the player makes to quickly cast spells and use abilities.

Alt + [#1 - 9] = Use macros #10 - 18, 10 being 1 and 18 being 9.

[Alt or Ctrl] + [Up or Down] = Change between macro configurations, good when the player decides to switch jobs or use a different macro set up.


Multiple command lines in a single macro require an intervening command, /wait //integer//, which makes the macro wait for //integer// seconds for one line to resolve before performing successive commands.

e.g. is not a real world example, Cure does not take 5 seconds to cast. Party members may not appreciate being told that they are cured.

/ma Cure1 (casts Cure 1 spell)

/wait 5 (Waits 5 seconds)

/p You're Cured! (message to Party members: You're Cured!)


/magic or /ma requires specific spell name as above e.g. /shoot or /ra activates a ranged attack /ws activates requires specific weaponskill /pet requires a specific pet command

Modifying commandsEdit



In /ma Cure1 <me> , casting cure 1 on the caster/macro controller, <me> denotes a target

<t> actions target the current target of the macro controller at the time the macro is activated (Target)

<st> the macro will wait for the controller to select a target before activating (Select Target)

<p0> as <me>, targets macro controller

<p1> through <p6> targets players 1-6 of the controller's party

<ft> targets your NPC fellow when you are using it.