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FFTA Combo
All allies with combo abilities attack together.

Combos (コンボアビリティ, Konbo Abiriti?) is an action ability in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance that allow party members to initiate or join in on a combo. Combos are usable once the character has at least one Judge Point.

The initial attack has 100% accuracy and ignores Reaction Abilities. Other characters, with a combo set, may join in if they are within their range (some can join in up to five spaces away, others have to be right next to the victim).

Each joining unit has a specific range, accuracy, and percent of damage added, when adding to a combo. Combos with more range or damage added are usually less accurate.

If one or more members successfully adds in, then extra Judge Points further increases damage.

While powerful, combos can be difficult to learn. They are learned from Mythril Weapons - which can only be obtained as rewards for defeating another clan or via trading from Nono's shop.

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