Rinoa giving Angelo a treat after performing a Combine Limit Break.

Combine (コンバイン, Konbain?) is Rinoa's primary Limit Break, in which she teams up with her dog Angelo to perform a variety of abilities. To gain access to Combine moves the player has to read about them in the Pet Pals magazines, then pick the move to learn next in the status screen in the menu, and learn it by walking with Rinoa in the party; progress in each skill is marked in steps. Learning all of Angelo's Combine skills in the Steam version earns the player the achievement Dog Trainer.

Several of Angelo's abilities are not triggered by the actual Limit Break command, and are, rather, triggered by events throughout the battle. Angelo will not appear during the battles against the Propagators on the Ragnarok. Although Rinoa is playable in the PlayStation Final Fantasy VIII demo Angelo never appears, and Rinoa doesn't have a Limit Break.

Mechanics Edit

FFVIII Status Menu 5

Rinoa's Combine skills in her Status menu.

The first four skills in the list are used automatically even when Rinoa is not in HP Critical health. If Rinoa is hit by an enemy, there's a chance that Angelo Rush or Angelo Recover will activate.

The game has an invisible "Dead Time" timer that starts from 200 and starts counting down. The timer only counts down when nothing is happening, decreasing when no one attacks (just like the ATB bar only fills when nothing else is happening).

After the timer reaches 0 (after 13.3~ seconds), the following things will be checked in this order:

  • Is Gilgamesh summoned
  • Is Angelo Recover triggered
  • Is Angelo Reverse triggered
  • Is Angelo Search triggered

If the player doesn't have the skill its check is skipped.

Angelo Recover and Angelo Reverse only trigger if their conditions are met; Angelo Recover will only trigger if there's an ally with less than 25% of their Max HP, and Angelo Reverse will only trigger if there's a KO'd ally.

The rest will only be used when Rinoa is in critical or Aura status by manually choosing the Combine command from the Limit Break menu. The player can't choose which attack Angelo uses, but the attacks Angelo uses depend on the Crisis Level. Angelo will use the highest level skill that she knows and that is valid to use. Angelo can't use a skill at a higher Crisis Level.

  • Crisis Level 1: Angelo Cannon
  • Crisis Level 2: Angelo Strike
  • Crisis Level 3: Invincible Moon
  • Crisis Level 4: Wishing Star

After Angelo performs her trick, Rinoa reappears and rewards her pet with a dog biscuit. Rinoa can teach Angelo additional Combine commands by reading the Pet Pals magazines, then earning experience for them via walking anywhere in the field, or on the world map (a tone will sound once a skill is learned). The fastest way to gain steps is to ride a chocobo or drive a car, but using a train will not help.

The skills that appear when executing the Combine command can be exploited to increase a particular skill's appearance simply by refusing to learn specific commands; for example, if Angelo doesn't know Wishing Star, she will use Invincible Moon at Crisis Level 4.

Combine Skills Edit

Skill Atk Pwr Activation[1] Effect Image
Angelo Rush 32 Rinoa hit by enemy (6.25%) A random counterattack against one opponent. Learned by default. Angelorush
Angelo Search N/A Dead Time (3.2%) Angelo finds an item in the battlefield. The item found may be a rare item. Angelosearch
Angelo Recover N/A Rinoa hit by enemy (6.6%)

Dead Time (3.3%)

Angelo heals an ally's HP when they are in less than 25% of their max health. Heals 62.5% of the target's max HP. Angelorecover
Angelo Reverse N/A Dead Time (1%) Angelo will revive a fallen ally to 12.5% of their full HP, leaving them in critical status. Angeloreverse
Angelo Cannon 72 Limit Break:
Crisis Level 1
Rinoa launches Angelo off her wrist, creating an explosion and causing medium physical damage to all enemies. Learned by default. Angelocannon
Angelo Strike 120 Limit Break:
Crisis Level 2
Angelo jumps into the air with one enemy, rotates 360 degrees and slams the target down, causing high physical damage. Angelostrike
Invincible Moon N/A Limit Break:
Crisis Level 3
Rinoa throws a bone for Angelo and she jumps up in front of the moon, causing its rays to shine on the party, making them temporarily invincible, for a duration seemingly longer than the Holy War item. Invinciblemoon
Wishing Star 130 Limit Break:
Crisis Level 4
Rinoa jumps on Angelo's back, knocking enemies into space and attacking targets eight times, doing heavy magical damage. This Limit Break is exceedingly rare in occurrence, but under ideal circumstances can inflict 79,992 points of damage. Wishingstar

Angelo Search List Edit

The following items can all be obtained through the use of Angelo Search:

Other appearances Edit

Pictlogica Final Fantasy Edit


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Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade Edit


Ability Cards
Legend Cards
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Final Fantasy All the Bravest Edit

ATB Angelo Cannon is the ability that is used by Rinoa during battle.

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Edit

FFRK Rinoa uses her Combine abilities in Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Angelo Cannon being her default Soul Break ability.

Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


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Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Edit

TCG One of Rinoa's cards has Wishing Star as its ability. Wishing Star Breaks a Forward of the player's choice with a cost of 5 or more, for a cost of three Wind CP and discarding a Rinoa card.

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