Colossus is an enemy family in Final Fantasy Type-0. It contains six variants and three enemies.

Enemy CompendiumEdit

The current face of the imperial fleet, the Colossus was originally designed as a new, heavily armored MA that could hold its own against the dominion's powerful Eidolons. Development on the S-347 Armored Terrain MA began in the year 837--five years before the onset of war, and the empire officially sanctioned the Colossus soon after combat began. The 203mm cannon built into the MA's left arm provides more than twice the firepower of previous mechs in the imperial fleet, but the Colossus's fire control system cannot properly aim while the mech is in motion. Although true victory over Rubrum's beasts of war ultimately proved impossible, the empire's Colossus fleet managed to drive back its opponents through sheer force of numbers, a feat the Warrior never accomplished.

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