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Colonel Faith is an enemy in Final Fantasy Type-0. He flies a flying bipedal weapon of the Militesi Empire known as the Blackburn. He is immune to almost all negative status effects. The Blackburn also appears driven by "Unidentified MA," the driver of Gabriel's Omega Model later on.

Battle Edit

Faith first appears during The Reclamation of Eibon RTS mission when the cadets are taking part in the invasions of Toguagh and Eibon. When the Dominion of Rubrum troops blast at the towns' energy barriers Colonel Faith emerges to attack dominion strongholds. When the player attacks him enough he will retreat to the towns and must be fought at the end of each town to liberate them.

Faith flies around on his MA. He is quick and shoots the party with missiles. After each salvo there is a Breaksight strike chance.

Strategy Edit

A ranged cadet or a cadet with a long reach like Seven or Sice is the best to take down Faith. The player should dodge the missile salvo and then go for the Breaksight chance.

Gallery Edit

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