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Coerthas ARR 01

Coerthas in the game trailer.

Coerthas (クルザス, Kuruzasu?) is a location in Final Fantasy XIV. It was a mountainous region outside the city of Ishgard in version 1.0, located northwest of the Black Shroud and north of Mor Dhona. The area has been redesigned to be a snow-covered highlands in A Realm Reborn.


In A Realm Reborn, Coerthas has only one zone: Coerthas Central Highlands. Heavensward later added the Coerthas Western Highlands.

Coerthas also contains the following instanced areas:


Aetheryte SanctuariesEdit

Camp DragonheadEdit

Camp Dragonhead

Camp Dragonhead.

Before the calamity, Camp Dragonhead was once a bustling hub frequented by combatants and gatherers alike. It is now the only Aetheryte location left in Coerthas since the bridge to the Eastern Lowlands (Camp Glory) has closed, although other settlements and fortifications have sprung up in the past five years. It is under the control of Lord Haurchefant of House Fortemps, who is welcoming of adventurers.

Falcon's NestEdit

Hamlets and CabinsEdit

The First Dicastrial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological PhenomenaEdit

The First Dicastrial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena is home to scholars and knights alike, housing well kept records of the observations made through a gigantic telescope. These records are highly classified, and not readily available to travelers. Its functions are instrumental to Ishgard's war against the Dravanian Horde.

Whitebrim FrontEdit

A fort operated by Lord Drillemont of House Durendaire. As the first line of defense against the Dravania Horde, it is one more well secured settlements.



Stone VigilEdit

Main article: Stone Vigil

Though only an unused landmark in the original game, Stone Vigil is an Ishgardian fortress that has been seized by dragons in the wake of the Calamity, granting them a greater foothold in Coerthas. This dungeon can prove exceedingly difficult due to the incredible strength of the Dragon Aevis enemies and the burst potential of the Dravanian Outfliers, and straight-tanking everything may not always be an option; Black Mages and White Mages should feel free to sleep enemies as needed. As part of the main scenario, it is among the most noticeable difficulty spikes in the game, and the party content thereafter is just as challenging.

The first boss is fairly straightforward, although like the rest of the dragons he hits extremely hard and his Area of Effect attacks lack the AoE indicator lines that appear in most fights. The Wyvern that repeatedly surprises the player throughout the dungeon is fought as the second boss. In addition to tornadoes that must be avoided, players must be mindful of the ice dragon outside, which should be shot down with cannons before it can breathe on the entire arena. This ice dragon is the last boss fought in the dungeon, and though it also lacks the AoE indicators, its attacks are fairly intuitive.

It reprises in Stone Vigil (Hard), where Lord Drillemont asks for players to serve as a vanguard force for his plan to retake the fortress from the dragons.

Dzemael DarkholdEdit

Main article: Dzemael Darkhold

Dzemael Darkhold has undergone just as many changes as most of the game, although its style is roughly the same. The fauna therein has not changed, apart from names, except for an unexplained lack of skeletons. It appears the Empire has left the darkhold as well, their mission completed months before the Calamity, leaving behind magitek devices.

In particular, the boss battles have changed dramatically. The All-Seeing Eye is slain early on, making use of the crystal auras that render it vulnerable. The "Ogre" (no longer named Deepvoid Slave) is accompanied by other ogres instead of teleporting ghosts. The end boss, Batraal, no longer spawns skeletons, but instead draws power from the nearby corrupted crystals, which need to be broken.

The Aurum ValeEdit

Main article: Aurum Vale

Like Dzemael Darkhold, the Aurum Vale has retained its overall style but has changed its mechanics. There are no longer poison rooms that drain health, but the golden acid pools are just as dangerous. In addition to the usual mix of toads and plantoids, more Malboros have begun to grow, some of which still at a maturity stage resembling the Minion that can be found early on.

An Ochu is now the first boss, and serves to teach players the usefulness of the Remedy-like Malboro Fruit throughout the arena. The Coincounter cyclops returns as the second boss, largely the same as he once was. All of his Area of Effect abilities lack the usual red indicators shown by most monsters, so players will have to study his attack patterns and act accordingly.

The Miser's Mistress also returns, but instead of spawning roselings and slugs, she spawns more of the Minion-like malboro seedlings. They can be destroyed before they mature into their hostile form. Tanks must be mindful of the far-reaching Bad Breath attack and keep her facing away from the rest of the party, while staying near enough a Malboro Fruit to reach it in case of emergency.


Main article: Snowcloak

The Snowcloak is a wall of ice that was once the path leading to the Falcon's Nest hamlet. When the snow came during the Calamity, an avalanche buried both the hamlet and any access to it. It is now home to Baritine Crocs and Ice Sprites. Players will need to navigate the icy slopes and ledges for certain quests.

The interior of Snowcloak was added as a dungeon in Patch 2.4.

Dusk VigilEdit

Main article: Dusk Vigil

The westernmost vigil, situated in the Western Highlands.

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Notable LandmarksEdit

Steel VigilEdit

This fortress was once identical to Stone Vigil, but has been redesigned to look similar to the ruined Roman Colosseum. It is a prime FATE location against the dragons of Dravania.

The Fury's GazeEdit

The Fury's Gaze is a mountain formation with a gaping hole through it, making it an impressive landmark. The mark of its namesake, Halone the Fury, once existed in front of the cave beneath its spot in the Eastern Highlands, but when the landmark itself was moved to the Central Highlands (the only available Coerthas zone post-calamity), the mark was moved to a stalactite in a crystallized cave underneath. The cavern remains a sacred landmark for the Holy See of Ishgard.

Monument TowerEdit

A grand tower very close to the Fury's Gaze. Like the tower at the Observatorium, it has a spiral staircase that changes directions near the top. It's purpose was to protect Fury's Gaze and provide respite for pilgrims.

Gates of JudgementEdit

This imposing gatehouse controls access to the city-state of Ishgard. Adventurers may not pass at this time.

The Weeping SaintEdit

A watery grotto to the northeast of Dragonhead. The trial "A Relic Reborn: Dhorme Chimera" takes place in an instanced version of this place.

Behemoth's DominionEdit

A clearing known to be the home of the dreaded Behemoth.

Boulder DownsEdit

A large snow-covered partial dome made of a crystalline substance, possibly of Allagan origin. It is currently inhabited by Giants.

The NailEdit

A large mountain in center of the Central Highlands. According to legend, the goddess Halone drove the Nail through both the sky and earth, binding the two together. Despite having immense shrapnel ejected from Dalamud currently embedded into its southern slope, the Nail remains a prominent landmark and symbol of perseverance.


The prime stronghold of the Ixal, located along eastern cliffs.

The Howling EyeEdit

A mountain shrine dedicated to Garuda, who often cloaks the place in terrible tempests that make access difficult.

The Dreaming DragonEdit

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  • Ice Sprite
  • Snow Wolf Pup
  • Highland Goobbue
  • Ornery Karakul
  • Feral Croc
  • Ixali Boundwing
  • Ixali Fearcaller
  • Ixali Stillbeak
  • Ixali Wildtalon
  • Downy Aevis
  • Redhorn Ogre
  • Will-o-the-Wykes
  • Taurus
  • Vodoriga
  • Snowstorm Goobbue
  • Bateleur
  • Chinchilla
  • Dragonfly
  • Hippocerf
  • Baritine Croc
  • Giant Logger
  • Giant Lugger
  • Giant Reader
  • Biast
  • Mudpuppy
  • Snow Wolf
  • Plasmoid
  • Natalan Boldwing
  • Natalan Fogcaller
  • Natalan Swiftbeak
  • Natalan Windtalon
  • Natalan Watchwolf
  • Naul (B-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Maracco (A-Rank Elite Mark)
  • Safat (S-Rank Elite Mark)

Musical ThemesEdit

"Fealty" is the the theme used outside settlements during the day. "The Land Breaks" is the Battle Theme of the region.

Version 1.0Edit

Main article: Coerthas/Legacy

Coerthas was a popular zone in version 1.0, even though it didn't have an accessible city-state. After the additions of the dungeons Dzemael Darkhold and The Aurum Vale, the Ixali stronghold of Natalan, the entrance to the Howling Eye (Garuda's battle arena) and lucrative gathering points, Camp Dragonhead in particular was among the most frequently visited camps in the game. Camp Glory saw its fair share of activity as well, being near many mid-late level quest destinations, such as the Owl's Nest.

Camps Crooked Fork and Riversmeet would see little activity even after the addition of some conclusive quests for the Seventh Umbral Era, such as "Living on a Prayer" and the finale for the Lambs of Dalamud. Like the majority of Coerthas and Mor Dhona, these areas were populated by monsters that far exceeded the level cap of 50, sometimes breaching 90, making them dangerous for wayward explorers.

A tremendous amount of the Coerthas map is missing in A Realm Reborn. While the majority of the Black Shroud, La Noscea and Thanalan are present in the new map (with a few expansions even having taken place), out of five major regions on the original Coerthas map, only one is currently accessible in A Realm Reborn. The Central Highlands, or the center of the old map, are accessible, but both of the "lowland" areas, along with the Western and Eastern Highlands, are both currently inaccessible.

Other AppearancesEdit

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallEdit

TFFCC Snowfield

Snowfield in Curtain Call.

Coerthas appears as the background for the Battle Music Sequence for "Power Descending From Heaven".


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