You dream of driving the open road, but what drives you? Passion. Power. Coernix Oil. Stop by your local Coernix Station and ask for Coernix Oil.
—Radio advert

Coernix Station - Alstor is a location in Duscae region in Final Fantasy XV. It is a small service station. In the Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae demo, the party's car is under repairs by Cindy at the station, and the party must raise the funds to pay her before they can continue on their journey. There is a caravan on the grounds where the party can stay for 200 gil.


The party can buy and sell items by talking to the shop keeper. He is usually inside the station behind the counter but early in the morning he is outside sweeping the grounds.

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Coernix Station has a Crow's Nest Diner.



Galloping GarulasCoernix Station - Alstor1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Green Garula x3, Garula x3Alstor Slough (Daytime)122,010 gil, Hi-Elixir★★
Beasts Wallow in the WetlandsCoernix Station - Alstor1
Yellow Hunt Icon
Yellowtooth x5Alstor Slough (All Times)142,330 gil, Warrior's Anklet★★
Untamed Wild HorsesCoernix Station - Alstor3
Red Hunt Icon
Spiracorn x7Alstor Slough (Daytime)253,870 gil, Megalixir★★
Reign TriumphantCoernix Station - Alstor4
Red Hunt Icon
Garulessa x1, Garula x5Alstor Slough (Daytime)325,280 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
The Rogues of Rydielle LeyCoernix Station - Alstor4
Red Hunt Icon
Cockatrice x3Rydielle Ley (Daytime)355,880 gil, Mega Phoenix★★★
Marsh Madness! The Giant AwakensCoernix Station - Alstor4
Red Hunt Icon
Catoblepas x1Alstor Slough (All Times)386,560 gil, Blue Choker★★★

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Coernic Station.

Noctis drives to a Coernix Station and parks the Regalia outside, but when he steps inside he finds himself in Lunafreya's room in Tenebrae.

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